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Behind the Mask by Yusuf Dawood

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Behind the mask by Yusuf K. Dawood

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow by Yusuf...

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Brief Summary Dr Yusuf K Dawood is a renowned surgeon and author. Dr Yusuf Dawood Biography popularly known for his Surgeon’s Diary Articles and Books Read more about his biography, wife, children and more on Wikipedia. The Surgeons Diary has been running as a full page column in the ‘Sunday Nation’ for over 33 years and still commands a wide readership. Upon his readers’ requests, Dawood wrote the first volume of the trilogy based on the Diary in 1985 under the title, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Off My Chest appeared in 1988, then Behind the Mask in 1995. Now a quartet, The Last Word wraps up the series. This delightful glimpse into the lighter side of the medical field makes being a surgeon bearable, and introduces the reader to an unknown aspect of the profession–humor. Dr Yusuf Dawood, a seasoned author and a celebrated surgeon, Dawood 86, has practised medicine for almost 60 years, and 52 of these have been spent in Kenyan hospitals offering selfless service. And when he announced that he would retire his scalpel, it was met with gloom by patients whom he had taken care of, now running into generations. Known for his popular Surgeon’s Diary column that runs in a local daily and in its 35th year, Dawood carved out his niche as a one-organ surgeon choosing to specialise on the treatment and management of breast cancer. Described by his peers as the ‘breast-guy’, the soft spoken surgeon with a diminutive frame has dedicated his time and energies in breast cancer treatment, management and research for the last 60 years. So passionate and driven is he that on his last day at work, he crowned it all with a mastectomy on a woman who had advanced breast cancer. The surgeon who always teases that he has four wives – Marie (his lawful wife), surgery, writing and Rotary shares great insights into the world of breast cancer. ISBN:9789966497932 Author:Yusuf Kodwavwala Dawood

Nothing But the Truth The Story of a ...

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A wonderful and interestingly written saga of the authors life, there is certainly connect with the trials, tribulations of the young teenager, a college student and the joys highs and lows of life as a medical student in Britain. The book also throws light on the Indian independence struggle and the specific cultural and family values prevalent in the bantwa Muslim community. The saga covers the authors journey of life from pre independent India to partioned India and Pakistan .we do not know whether the author had the habit of maintaining diaries if not we have to salute his memory and vivid recall of earliest memories as a child and as a teenager. A wonderful read gives you a warm feeling that there is hope and accomplishment and a enriching life for those who are determined and persevere against all odds.

One Life too Many by Yusuf Dawood

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Brief Summary Sydney Walker, young and carefree, came to Kenya in search of adventure, fell in love with the country and decided to make it his home. This is the story of the joys and sorrows of a man who worked hard and loved even harder. A magnificent account of expatriate life, set in the awe- inspiring beauty of Kenya, it confirms Yusuf K. Dawood as one of the greatest storytellers of our time.

The Last Word by Yusuf Dawood

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The Last Word by Yusuf Dawood concludes the quartet of the Surgeon's Diary - in book format. The other three are Yesterday Today and Tomorrow, Off my Chest, and Behind the Mask. The beautifully executed stories in the Last Word are adorned with occurrences from the author's extensive travels and medical experiences, some heart-rending and others with exultant endings. Dawood's stories are lit with humor and wit that make the myriad medical challenges seem surmountable. The stories though appearing in the Surgeon's Diary are fresh and authentic. Just like in the other three titles that form the quartet, the author has once again used his scalpel and pen with prowess to bring real surgical drama to our doorstep. Dawood, a celebrated surgeon and formidable author, has authored The Price of Living, One Life too Many, Water Under the Bridge, among others. The Last Word is his eleventh title. ISBN:2147483647 Author:Yusuf K. Dawood

Eye of the Storm by Yusuf K Dawood

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Eye of the Storm is a fast-paced mystery thriller written with hospital background. It is the story of a surgeon tortured by the trauma he suffered in the past. To release himself from the psychological shackles imposed on him as a result, he turns into a modern-day, Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It is a study of a genius bordering on lunacy and keeps the readers on the edge until the story unravels and the ghastly truth comes out. It makes the reader wonder where the writer is leading to until the climax explodes in the reader's mind making it impossible to put the book down until the storm blows over.

The Price of Living by Yusuf K Dawood

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Brief Summary 'For those who make it to We top, there is the joy of good living.. There is also a price. In his world of cut-throat competition and un-ethical dealings, Maina Karanja can judge success in two units only money and power. Power to live and love in style, and money to sustain that power. But then there are things also that no money can buy and no power can obtain. This Maina learns the hard way.