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An autobiography showing life as it was during colonial and later in diaspora

A Diary of a Called Woman

A diary of a called woman's a memoir of Prophetess Khanyo Ndlela, it is her journey to receive healing and heeding the call of God on her life. In this book Prophetess Ndlela narrates her upbringing and the challenges she faced growing up,which led to her change of character and behavior. She shares how it was to grow up in a home where there was gender-based violence,a home that seemed Christianly with Christian background and principles yet a home of tears and no hope for the future. She opens the doors of her heart and let us in on deep secrets from her past that she could not share with anyone.she also narrates how she was repeatedly raped with no mercy by a tongue speaking,fire spitting man of God in her home with no one to talk to. She further shares how spirits of bondages can binda person from one generation to the next if they are not dealt with properly and broken from our families. 3. Good Resolution Photo 2 for each 4. Social Media Handles Email: Facebook:Khanyo Faith Ndlela Instagram: Khanyo Ndlela 5. JPEG Front Cover 6. PDF Coverspread 7. Other books or programs the author would like to promote on your page Simangaliso God of Miracles Outreach Baal-Perazim Women's Gathering Ministry


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The Bud from the Rocks is my Auto biography. It is a touching life story detailing my rise through a hard time. Read with this amazing story

Ngucoka Uriri: Mugathe Mungai wa Ceng...

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The untold life the most courageous colonial clan leader and chief of his times. Plague snatched him his parents and siblings but helped him find the cure. The only difficult friend father Banados of "rung'uri" Riara Mission encountered. The first Kenyan if not African a Bishop traveled long distance to baptise while already interred .

Son of the clan from Kenya to India a...

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Ambui ambari ya Thumbi. A biography with a clan long register. A research tool book of Kikuyu clans. Living simple and easy life of a rich Free Kagogo. From Kenya to India and back. From birth to death , a transformation. A new way and style biography.

The Ground Commander: Sergeant Timoth...

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Meet Timothy Theuri Rtd Sergeant, first of Kenya Army Recruits of 1964- They were deployed to Northern Kenya where they fought the shiftas from Somalia. For close to six years. His bravery won him the highest Uhondari Mendal -Kenya Medal when he saved their platoon from one of the deadliest bloody ambushes where he killed more than a hundred shiftas from 8am to 5pm when the reinforcement arrived. An action-packed book, you will read it at the edge of your seat- Godfrey Karur Author.

Before The Devil Wakes Up

To you, trying to find your way from a dark corner. I hope this book lights your path to self discovery and grants you the grace to accept the you you meet on that journey.

Epic musings of a farmers daughter by...

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The book describes Jane’s journey from growing up in abject poverty in the 70s to forging a successful career in legal practice and raising a family.

Tea girl to a banker,A journey of Fai...

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MY JOURNEY OF FAITH (FROM CLEANING DISHES TO A BANK MANAGER)Have you ever had a dream or an aspiration in

Why (Not) Me: Memoir by John C Gichinga

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Reverend John Gichinga's life mirrors the idiom "Skin of a Rhino l, Heart of a lamb" in a profound ways. Born without a prophet's foresight into a journey sculpted solely by divine hands, his story unfolds with peaks of joyous camaraderie and valleys of solitary questioning Why Not Me is full of lessons gleaned from John Gichinga's experiences, akin to gold in value, beckon others to witness a life lived gracefully.

RAW by Angela Murenga

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RAW is a candid autobiography that delves into the remarkable life of Angie Murenga, a woman whose journey is testament to the resilience oc the human spirit.

From Village to Village by Austin Otieno

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From Village to Village, details the amazing journey of Lay Cannon Justice (rtd) Onyango Otieno from his rural village in Kandaria, Asembo, to the highest echelons of the Legal Profession. This exciting journey tells us of the numerous tests he faced as a Lawyer and a Judge on the corridors of Justice. A true authentic look at the system.

Survived to forgive by Josiane Umulinga

Josiane umulinga is a survival of genocide against the Tutsi who got the Grace to forgive since Jesus is still on the throne of mercy forgive our sins.

My Times And Seasons by Bishop Peter ...

"Dive into the profound journey of Bishop Peter Ndungu as he unravels life's deepest questions and unveils the transformative power of faith in his book, 'My Times and Seasons.' From the shadows of poverty to the heart-wrenching losses and the triumph of birthing a ministry, Bishop Peter shares raw, personal testimonies that illuminate the path from despair to triumph. This book isn't just about survival; it's a testament to the incredible potential within each of us. Discover how pain, injustice, and heartache are woven into the tapestry of our existence, guiding us toward the extraordinary. 'My Times and Seasons' isn't just a book; it's an inspiring journey that beckons you to trust in God's unwavering love and turn every season, no matter how challenging, into a stepping stone toward victory. Your story is still unfolding, and this book is the guide to finding purpose and power in every season of life. Embrace the wisdom within, written by Bishop Peter Ndungu, and let your journey be a testimony of turning pressure into power."


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Experience the indomitable human spirit in Price's inspiring story. Enduring the loss of his mother at a young age, Price persevered and carved out a music career. His story is a testament to the human spirit's resilience and determination. This is a must-read book that will motivate and inspire you.

My Journey With Joanna by Gathoni wa ...

This is a compelling account of the author's relationship with Joanna. Both women are Kenyan, both migrated to Denmark, both married Danes - but there the similarities end. Gathoni, the author is thriving, while Joanna – a victim of abuse – finds herself in a women’s shelter, has lost access to her children, and faces jail time and possible deportation. Gathoni details their relationship as she learns of Joanna’s history with an abusive and manipulative husband, and its dire consequences for Joanna and her children. We follow the process as Joanna navigates the Danish social and legal system – and the efforts of Gathoni and a few others, who assist Joanna in her struggle to be acquitted of the crimes she has been unjustly accused of. It’s a story of friendship and compassion between two women of similar background, but very different circumstances. 'My Journey with Joanna' is a prequel of the next book in the series: ‘My Journey with Joanna Continues’ detailing the relationship between the two women. Joanna has verified all the information in the book as true to her experiences.

My Journey With Joanna Continues by G...

Joanna is on her way to prison. She does not know whether she will ever see her children again. Will she keep the custody of her baby whom she hasn’t seen in almost a year, or live with her elder son, currently living with a foster family? This is the sequel to the book ‘My Journey with Joanna’, which entails Joanna’s abusive marriage and how the system that was meant to protect her failed. In this book, Gathoni details her experience with Joanna during Joanna’s imprisonment in several Danish prisons, while fighting for her freedom and for the right to have access to her two children. In this memoir, we follow Gathoni’s relationship with Joanna, as she and a few other people attempts to help Joanna in her struggle to be acquitted of the crimes she had been unjustly accused of – and the insufferable consequences, if she is not.

The Snows of Mt. Kilimanjaro: Musings...

The Snows of Mt. Kilimanjaro: Musings of a Climber by Henry Mathagu

KIMULWON – the 630 life story b...

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At 10 p.m. on July 11, 2022, a deafening explosion on Langata Road echoed through the air as a car somersaulted over the tarmac, careening through three different roads before coming to a rest, an overturned wreck. Kimulwon Chesaina’s life ended abruptly, leaving a trail of mourning hearts in its wake. What were the events that led to this calamitous incident? Who was Kimulwon, beyond the headlines and the accident report? What were the triumphs and tribulations that defined his forty-eight-year existence? In this unvarnished narrative, meticulously documented by his sole brother, we journey through the intricate tapestry of Kimulwon's life. We delve into themes ranging from a historical connection with the formidable Moi family, to the scars of childhood trauma, the dynamics of political patronage, the complexities of love and separation, the battle for mental well-being, the shackles of generational patterns, the trials and triumphs of entrepreneurship, the call to public service, and the quintessence of ‘I went to Alliance’. This compelling account lifts the veil on a life that was both celebrated and challenged and will leave an indelible imprint on the hearts and minds of those who immerse themselves in this must-read narrative.

Tender Soul, Warrior Spirit by Lydia ...

Prepare to be inspired and moved by the riveting story of Lydia Muthoni Kabinga, a courageous cancer survivor and warrior for humanity whose outstanding service was rewarded with a state commendation by the late President Mwai Kibaki. Lydia’s narrative weaves through her early days when sending a girl to school was almost taboo, a teenage pregnancy that rocked her world, and a blissful marriage that was soon followed by heartache and pain. Yet, even in the face of trials and tribulations, Lydia found the strength to fight for her education, nurture her family, and selflessly serve those afflicted by the HIV/AIDS pandemic—a crisis that invoked fear, judgment, and exclusion. And just when you begin to think Lydia's toughest days are behind her, the book takes a poignant turn and delves into her battle with colon cancer. In the face of yet another heart-wrenching trial, Lydia's warrior spirit continues to shine through. Her unwavering faith in God, solid family values, and commitment to serving others provide the foundation for her resilience. Ultimately, this is a tale of triumph over adversity. It will leave you with a renewed sense of hope and inspire you to discover the warrior spirit within yourself.