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The Tongue Between the Teeth is the story of a pastoralist society caught between its own strong culture and the urban newly independent Kenya. Through Halkano, the unlettered and unforgiving traditionalist, and Ali the face of the new ways of life, the author tells how poverty and the prevailing environment, shapes lives. Like the tongue that must work between the sharp teeth, with all its ensuing dangers, the individual is trapped in the engulfing poverty and the inability to adapt to the new way of life. To survive, he/she must struggle in the new world, that the society did not prepare him/her for, and more often than not, ending in tragedy

Daudi anapika, grade 2

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This is a children story book teaching about utensils and cooking hygiene. It is an ideal book for lower grade learners


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A invigorating book that leads you deep into the jungle, showing you a battle between two countries. A war, the WAR. Get to see the story unfold in first persona as Benny and his brother Griffin find themselves in the middle of it all, fighting for their flag. Will they conquer? How much will it take? Are they ready to pay the price?

Intersex persons and the law in Kenya...

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According to The Children Act 2022, “intersex child” means a child with a congenital condition in which the biological sex characteristics cannot be exclusively categorized in the common binary of female or male due to inherent and mixed anatomical, hormonal, gonadal or chromosomal patterns, which could be apparent prior to, at birth, in childhood, puberty or adulthood”. The book seeks to demystify the rights and challenges of persons who are born not exclusively male nor female.


The Fortitude of The Resilient is a personal development book. The author illustrates how life skills can be integrated with life experiences to nurture strong mental power thus the ability to bounce back when faced by challenges.

Dago wa Munje

Dago wa Munje ni riwaya inayozungumzia unyanyapaa unaomgandama mwanadamu kutokana na maumbile ama tabia; na kumletea hall ya kutojifahamu wala kufahamu matendo na mielekeo yake hali inayomkandamiza mtu kiasi cha kukata tamaa. Hali hii inaweza... By

Kivuli Kinaishi

Kivuli Kinaishi by Said Mohamed By

Seth the Silly Gorilla

Seth the Silly Gorilla is lazy, but fun-loving in a rather silly way. One day he accompanies his friends Nkera the wood pigeon, Mueyo the pygmy and Karamera the traveller to the market. He decides to have the most weird shave of all - every hair... By

How Stories Began 11

E.A.E.P.s Sparrow Readers are stories to enjoy. They have been particularly developed with the middle primary school child in mind and as a curtain- raiser to the popular E.A.E.P. Junior Readers Series. Children are encouraged to read as many of... By

Toko and the Lost Kittens

One rainy Saturday evening, Tokos dog Lucky begins to bark. Toko goes outside to see what is wrong. She hears meowing, and realises that it is the sound of kittens, who have been washed into a drainpipe by the rain. Toko rushes to fetch her... By

Why slug likes it cool

The three stories in the collection look at how behaviour affects character in different circumstances. In How Turtle Came to Live in the Sea, Tortoise is wrongly accused of causing drought. Fellow animals decide to bury him alive, but instead of... By

Two Foolish Bulls

Njiru and Njeru are two bulls who love each other dearly.They are also fierce and strong and often frighten the other animals of the forest.Will the animals find a way of getting rid of them? Find out in this exciting tale of the two Foolish Bulls! By

Siku za Mashaka

Hapo awali kijiji ha Ruwi Kilikuwa katika miinuko .Watu hawakujenga bondeni penye maji mengi,katika bonde moja mto zesi ulitiririka maji.Mazao ya chakula yalistawi katika bonde hilo na kuwaneemesha watu wa Ruwi.lakini sasa watu wa Ruwi Wamekumbwa... By

Why Beetles Roll Cowdung

Long ago, there lives a rich and beautiful cow and her daughter. Although the cow likes to stay clean, she and her daughter are lazy. So they set about finding an animal who is able to clean up after them. Many animals try working for them: an... By

Miraba and Proud Vuno

All the animals are in sympathy for Miraba who is ill except for proud Vuno. The book contains two fascinating animal stories. By

Usborne Fingerprint activities Animals

This book with its own brightly coloured inkpad of seven colours is bursting with ideas for fingerprinting animals from hedgehogs to koalas Each page has step by step instructions pictures to complete and lots of space for fingerprinting With a... By Fiona Watt

Alka Read yourself Level 1 Assorted

Disclaimer:Assorted titles as listed.Title on image may not be available. Titles in this series - Beauty & the beast- Bremen town musicians- Emperors new clothes- Jack & the Beanstalk- Rapunzel- Twelve dancing princess By Alka Publication