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Love Does Not Win Elections

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Ayisha Osori, writer, lawyer, and advocate for social justice, ran for the People’s Democratic Party’s ticket to the House of Representatives in 2015. and lost. This is her story. Love Does Not Win Elections is a pitch perfect account of our primary process in Nigeria. Jacqueline Farris, DG, Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Foundation Ayisha’s gripping account reminds us of depth of the work required to fix the Nigerian question at both ends of the spectrum – leadership and followership. Seun Onigbinde, Founder, BudgIT Ms. Osori charts her attempt to secure a People’s Democratic Party’s ticket to the Federal House of Representatives in a way that makes plain why Nigerian politics is not working for Nigerians …This book is a baton. Those who are contemplating politics in Nigeria would do well to pick it up. Feyi Fawehinmi Compelling book for those who seek to understand the powers of political wheelerdealers. Olusegun Adeniyi, author, Against the Run of Play

Umilisi wa FASIHI SIMULIZI by Martin ...

Best Fasihi Simulizi book in teaching kiswahili literature


Are you struggling to make your voice heard in a crowded marketplace? Many aspiring thought leaders find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of noise and competition, unsure how to stand out and truly influence their industry. "The Thought Leader's Code: A Five-Step Blueprint" offers a clear and practical solution. This book presents a unique framework that cuts through the confusion, providing a step-by-step guide to establish yourself as a recognised authority in your field. Unlike other resources that offer vague advice, this blueprint is actionable and tailored to meet the specific needs of emerging thought leaders. Authored by an acclaimed expert with years of experience in personal branding and leadership, "The Thought Leader's Code" combines strategic insight with real-world examples. The author’s approachable style ensures that the principles are accessible to readers of all backgrounds, making complex concepts easy to understand and apply. With this guide, you will gain the tools and confidence to share your unique perspective and make a lasting impact.

Equation Explorer Board Game

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THE GAME Equation Explorer: A Delightful Equation-Creation Adventure for All Ages Suitable for both younger and older players, Equation Explorer offers a delightful math experience for creating equations. Younger players can create basic equations, while it provides a creative challenge for older children and adults, enabling them to craft complex equations while injecting a sense of fun into mathematical exploration. It can be enjoyed in various settings, whether at school or at home with friends and family.  

A Bag from Nairobi and other stories

A Bag from Nairobi and other stories is a thrilling anthology that cuts across different aspects of daily life. The stories take the reader through extravagant crimes people commit in pursuit of wealth, occultism, betrayal of love, trust and kinship, effects of harsh laws on a country, brutality, perversion, consequences of evacuation from ancestral inheritance, human traffic, predicament of the street children, among other traditional and contemporary issues.

Hit and Run and other stories

Hit and Run and other stories is an awesome and interesting anthology that curves out the image of things emerging in urban and rural setups. The stories unmask the equilibrium between stern penalty and organised crime, ill-prepared self-reliance, disregard to human life, indifference to suffering, injustice, political opportunism, the curse of death, among other disgraces.

Wind of Justice and other stories by ...

Wind of Justice and other stories is a collection of well-written lucid stories that address different issues such as respect for human life, culture, human empowerment, family issues, love, campus life, and general life. The themes of the stories are well brought out and the stories are interesting and easy to understand.

My son’s battle with cancer: A ...

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A book about cancer (Neuroblastoma) and childhood cancer.


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Building in Kenya aims to be the developers’ one-stop informational resource, an invaluable guide through the real estate development process. It assists with identification and evaluation of risks involved in the different stages of a building project and development of strategies with checklists and worksheets for developers to minimise risks on their project. Building in Kenya also contextualises the Kenyan real estate development market through information gathered from interviews conducted with sector professionals and consultants. Interviews were also conducted with developers of various structures – individual, family and corporate with experience developing for the first time and serial developments. The second revision of Building in Kenya includes an additional chapter focused on the design process, with a particular emphasis on green design. This chapter provides developers with guidance on how to approach the design of their building projects in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.

Spotlight Quick Revision Maths 8

Spotlight Quick Revision Mathematics 8 has been uniquely designed to be of great help to Standard 8 pupils in revising the Standard 8 syllabus as well as preparing for the KCPE examination. The book is a very useful tool for teachers who need an... By

Spotlight Quick Revision English 8

Spotlight Quick Revision English 8 has been uniquely designed to be of great help to Standard 8 pupils in revising the standard 8 syllabus as well as preparing for the KCPE examination. The book is a very useful tool for teachers who need an... By

Spotlight Quick Revision CRE 8

has been uniquely designed to be of great help to Class 8 pupils in revising the Class 8 Syllabus as well as preparing for the KCPE examination. The book is a very useful tool for teachers who need an appropriate variety of questions for... By

Junior English Revised

The book contains lists of the parts of speech, opposites, synonyms, homophones, proverbs, abbreviations, idioms, etc. which every pupil should know before leaving Junior School. The practice tests in New Junior English Revised provide ample... By

Le Francais est Amusant French Vol 2

Les fruits que nous mangeons - Les bananes - Les raisins - Les pommes - Les poires - Les poires - Les oranges - Les mandarines By