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Take Your Power Back by Wanjiru Kaburu

A search for healing, wholeness, worthiness, honor and love that calls for vulnerability and courage to take our power back is what this book is about. A place we all need to get to!
A thought- provoking read with pearls of inspiration to truly take our power back" - Carol Nderi, the Foreword Writer

The Power of Self – Love by Wan...

This book is a demonstration of the power of knowing, accepting and committing to oneself. It's a call to connect with ourselves deeply and tap into the power that comes with loving ourselves to unleash the gift we are created to be in the world

Adaptive Leadership by John Wanguba

Until mid 1980s, doing business in Kenya was relatively easy. The Exchange Control was in place to enforce the protectionist policy of the day, so buyers of goods had to learn to put up with what was locally available. Accordingly, it was possible to register sustained growth even when decisions that guided the company were made by an individual at the top, in an environment that depended on reactive structures. Then things changed with the repealing of the Exchange Control Act, exposing us to external competition. Ever since, captains of industry have found themselves contending with a volatile, uncertain and complex environment that makes market reality a moving target. And overtime, there have been more and more factors that impact negatively on businesses, making it harder to keep afloat, much less thrive. This book is about how to develop transformational leaders, creative individuals who, among other things, involve as many employees as possible in decision making in an effort to keep the business responsive to continuously changing circumstances.

The Nightingale by Hannah Kristin

This story is about what it was like to be a woman during World War II when women’s stories were

House Woman by Adorah Nworah

My name is Ikemefuna Nwosu, and I am your wife. One day in Lagos, young dancer Ikemefuna is put on a plane to Houston to meet her new husband, Nna. Promises are made to her - about her education, about the man she will marry, about her freedom. None of them are kept. A few months later, self-professed feminist Nna finds a beautiful woman cooking in his parents' kitchen. They tell him Ikemefuna is his wife, there to give them the grandson they've been waiting for. She appears obedient, malleable. But she is no ordinary wife. In the Texas heat, patience runs on short supply and the atmosphere in the house becomes increasingly strained, increasingly violent. Desperation makes people do strange things...Unpredictable and unsettling, HOUSE WOMAN is a delicious thriller you will never be able to forget.

Where the Kremlin Live by Alexander N...

Where the Kremlin Live (And Other Unlikely Poems)

A Body Made For Sin by Alexander Nderitu

Ten crime stories from the award-winning author of 'Disco Matanga'

Sing your Song by Suki Mwendwa

#Sing your Song #healing #TheAfricanQuestion

Career Journal: A toolkit for Acceler...

Career Journal, A toolkit for an Accelerated Career by Career Coach Vumile Msweli. This book is a collection of insights that can aid you in getting a strong foundation in your career. A number of insights are shared to help you in your journey. The greatness of this book is also that you can journal in it and you get to track your progress. Get this book to help Coach you in your Career Step by step!

Aiming High: The Story my life by Hon...

Aged 36 years, Kenneth Matiba, briefcase in hand, stood outside the entrance of Jogoo House A, and bid farewell to a messenger passing by. The messenger was the last person he saw as he quit his top position at the civil service, where he had been tapped as Permanent Secretary at only 31 years old. The messenger, perhaps, foreshadowed his attachment to the common mwananchi. Years later, thousands would line up on the route from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) to welcome Matiba back from London. The incident outside Jogoo House was also a contrast of a man who would later become a billionaire businessman rumoured to have paid Sh14 million annually to a British public relations firm in London. Took it well Matiba quit the civil service in June 1968 after giving a one year notice to the then Permanent Secretary in the Office of the President, Geoffrey Kariithi. Mzee Jomo Kenyatta would later phone Mr Kariithi, demanding to know who had given Matiba permission to leave. Mzee was politely reminded that he authorised it himself; and took it well when Matiba went to say goodbye. “I was relieved when he wished me well,” wrote Matiba in his autobiography, Aiming High, The Story of my Life. When Matiba informed him that his son, Raymond, was going to be circumcised along with John Michuki’s two boys, mzee requested that his two sons, Uhuru and Muhoho, join them. Reluctant politician A reluctant politician, Matiba contested for the Kiharu parliamentary seat (then known as Mbiri) in 1979 where he ousted former Cabinet Minister, Gikonyo Kiano. And at 5pm when the radio announced that he had trounced Dr Kiano, hundreds of people started streaming towards his Embassy House office in Murang’a. “I have never seen so many people in my life at night. They were everywhere,” he wrote. According to his autobiography, even police could not control the crowd.

Till Death Do Us Part by Diana Mosoba

In the bustling city of Nairobi, amidst the chaos of life, Tara finds herself ensnared in an all-consuming love affair with the enigmatic, good looking, and dangerous Joe. Drawn to his magnetism yet repelled by his volatility, she becomes entangled in a web of passion and fear. As their tumultuous relationship reaches its breaking point, Tara learns deep and dark secrets that threaten to bury her alive, she faces a harrowing choice: to break free or succumb to the perilous allure of a man whose love is as intoxicating as it is destructive. In a gripping tale of love, obsession, and survival, follow Tara's journey as she navigates the perilous depths of her own emotions and the haunting consequences of a fatal decision that changes the course of her life forever. A story of secrets, betrayal, and the ultimate act of self-preservation, "Till Death Do Us Part" explores the boundaries of love and the price one must pay for freedom.

Eco Heroes by Janet Ruto

Eco Heroes: The Waste Warriors is an inspiring tale which highlights the encounters of three friends, Tito, Chebet and Kim, who live in Gomongo Town. As is common for many rapidly growing cities, Gomongo deteriorates from a vibrant and clean town to an unsightly eye-sore. The rise in population leads to shrinking recreational spaces for children, uncontrolled dumping of waste, and pollution of land and water resources. There is hope however, when the three teenage friends, through reading and research, discover that they can bring a change to the waste menace in their town. As quick learners, they become waste warriors by teaching others how to take care of their environment. The adventures of Tito, Chebet and Kim will equip readers of all ages with practical steps to create a cleaner and more sustainable world, and encourage them to become responsible stewards of their environment. The book highlights how transformational youthful determination and knowledge can be, in addressing the global challenges of waste and waste disposal. Think about your town, school or your home as you read.

Going to buy a plot in Maaī Mahiū by ...

Going to buy a plot in Maaī Mahiū is a collection of life experiences. It is a glorification if the mundane. It’s a look at the details of life that we miss as we rush towards the life we think we should be living. In spite of what status we attain in life, there is a settled comfort that comes from cleaning a glass,wiping the dinner table, Soaking your dish cloths in Ariel so they don’t embarrass you with the smell. And basically, that is what life is all about. The book uses satire. Satire is a literary or rhetorical device that uses irony, sarcasm, or wit to expose and criticize the flaws, vices, or shortcomings of individuals, institutions, or society as a whole. It often employs exaggeration, parody, or ridicule to provoke thought, challenge norms, and provide social commentary. The goal is not only to entertain but also to highlight and critique societal issues, hypocrisy, absurdities, or injustices. By using humor and clever wordplay, satire aims to provoke introspection and foster change or improvement in the subjects being satirized.

The Six-Figure Second Income: How To ...

Proven methods for building an online income stream You don't have to quit your current job, or already have piles of money, or be 24 years old, or riding a booming economy, in order to start a successful online business. The Six-Figure Second Income explains how to start or grow a business even when you think you have plenty of strikes against you. In the course of building an eight-figure real estate information marketing business, David Lindahl and Jonathan Rozek tested dozens of tools and techniques. This book is centered around principles they derived from all the tests they ran, tools they used, and money they spent. If you're tired of the gimmicks and skepticism that anyone can really succeed online, this book will give you the no-hype, no-nonsense advice you need.

Maximizing Time In School

Time is a fundamental resource. It is an essential win for every committed student. This book guides students on how to utilize their time and be able to balance among the many demands in school.

A Proactive Student

This book seeks to guide students on how they can take initiative and take charge of their success journey. When students are in charge of their success stories, it becomes easy for the parents and teachers alike to support them in their pursuit for excellence.


Grit for the Road is a collection of true stories and anecdotes of ordinary people journeying through the tough world of academia, sports, entrepreneurship, poverty and family wrangles, chronic diseases, pursuit of excellence to name but a few and how their decisions, unyielding grit and actions uplifted them from the horizon of ordinary to the league of legends and trailblazers

The Lights of Pointe-Noire: A Memoir ...

Alain Mabanckou left Congo in 1989, at the age of twenty-two, not to return until a quarter of a century

African Psycho by Alain Mabanckou

Gregoire Nakobomayo, a petty criminal, has decided to kill his girlfriend Germaine. He’s planned the crime for some time, but