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My KInd of Stagger- My Journey with M...

This is a story about a young lady in her early twenties diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Here, the experiences while dealing with the illness from pre-diagnosis are shared. Dealing with the new normal is also captured.

Ink Well Reading Journals

The Ink.well Reading Journal is a space where readers can their goals and reading experiences. Our reading journal has the following prompts; 1. Wish list 2. Reading tracker 3. Shelf life 4. Reading challenge 5. Book reviews. 6. Book Club reviewing 7. Borrowed books log
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A History of Burning by Janika Oza

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Four generations. Three sisters. One impossible choice. Tricked aboard a boat to East Africa, Pirbhai is only thirteen when he

Tender Memories Poems and Short Stori...

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Pathfinders are refreshingly exciting readers that entertain and enlighten. They have been deliberately written and designed to encourage wide reading

Of Boys and Men: Why the Modern Male ...

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Boys and men are struggling. Profound economic and social changes of recent decades have many losing ground in the classroom,

The Brain: The Story of You by David ...

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‘This is the story of how your life shapes your brain, and how your brain shapes your life.’ Join renowned

Political Marketing Strategies :Globa...

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The book offers refreshing and unique insight into multidisciplinary subject of political marketing. It explores political persuasion and strategies in the era of disruptive technology including social media and Artificial intelligence. It is valuable for Researchers ,marketing strategists, communication specialists, elected leaders, political candidates, and political science undergraduate and post graduate students in Universities.

Ramadan A B C by Eman

This book is a wonderful addition to your child's bookshelf! Perfect for kindergarteners, it combines fun and learning with beautiful illustrations and simple explanations. As they journey from A to Z, your little ones will explore the traditions and values of Ramadan, sparking curiosity and imagination. It's a fantastic way to teach the alphabet while introducing children to the Islamic faith. Written by a team of experts from the Eman App.

Sediments of Time: My Lifelong Search...

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Meave Leakey’s thrilling, high-stakes memoir—written with her daughter Samira—encapsulates her distinguished life and career on the front lines of the

Revealed! Cooking Oil is Making You S...

This handbook is a guide to help you avoid harmful and choose beneficial edible oils for your cooking, baking, frying, and seasoning needs. Dennis Kithinji, a medical scientist and a research consultant, applies his eight years of experience synthesizing medical research evidence to inform you what scientists have discovered about the health effects of 16 commonly used edible oils. He uses science communication skills to break down complex scientific concepts into a language that a high school graduate can easily understand.


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WHEN LOVE DARES is a remarkable book about breaking barriers in pursuit of love in the beautiful journey of marriage. This is a story of Don and Cynthia, two young people who share a love for God but who are thrashed in the murky waters of life in a foreign land. The two meet at a church Conference in the United States of America where they had gone to study, but then Don is arrested by Immigration police and is detained at the Elizabeth detention center for 30 days under tough conditions. He is eventually deported for overstaying his VISA. Cynthia has to make a decision; is she going to follow Don to Nairobi? Her life in America is just beginning to fall in place. She makes a decision many would shy away from. its God who helps her to make this daring decision. This is an Inspirational piece that seeks to Illuminate our lives even in the face of life struggles and unbelief in a world rife with challenges in the marriage arena. That it does not matter how down trodden you are, Christ already made our families marriages victorious. This is a story that seeks to remind couples and those planning to settle down that nothing is too difficult with God. That despite the challenges we face in our courtship or marriage unions, there is always that salient voice of God. This is a lesson book for all a blessing for the marriage institution.


In 'Abdicated Intelligence,' Victor Kisob's book of selected poems on global societal issues, readers are beckoned into a world where intellect meets empathy, where policy intersects with passion, and where the legacy of a visionary unfolds against the backdrop of global challenges and triumphs. Dive into the depths of human interconnectedness and the call to action in "Abdicated Intelligence," a poignant collection of poems that confronts the intertwined web of contemporary threats facing our world today. Embark on a journey of enlightenment and empowerment, guided by the profound wisdom of one of the voices in international governance and sustainable development. From the shadows of terrorism to the echoes of civil unrest, these verses resonate with the profound truth that we cannot relinquish our responsibility as stewards of this planet. In this evocative exploration, the author challenges us to embrace our collective intelligence and innovative spirit as we navigate the complexities of extreme poverty, climate change, infectious diseases, human interaction and beyond. These poems serve as a rallying cry, reminding us that the threads of our existence are woven together, each issue intertwined and feeding into the next. Through lyrical expression and raw emotion, "Abdicated Intelligence" paints a vivid portrait of a world on the edge, urging us to break free from the shackles of isolation and confront these challenges head-on. As we stand at the crossroads of possible peril, this collection is a stirring reminder that our future rests in our hands.

Finding Excellence by Gorden Simango,...

How to navigate the vexed question of how CEOs and HR professionals can manage the process of getting feedback from employees. Creating the right environment to induce this without fear of retaliation.

Tell me a Story

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Folk tales were a major ingredient of community lore in traditional society, a craft that is almost forgotten in modern society. Not only are the stories lost but with the loss goes the cultural and social activities that were the fabric that undergirded the craft and strengthened community bonds. Tell Me a Story draws from this traditional storytelling culture. It is an attempt to preserve that unique craft of storytelling, the stories and the lessons that came with the tales. It is noteworthy that such traditional folklore was not only entertaining but was also a source of moral lessons that informed society’s day-to-day well-being. The collection of ten folktales touches on societal aspects such as trust, greed, friendship, respect, and deception, among many others. In the process, the author gives readers a glimpse of the foundations that kept society strong. The lessons, therein, are as relevant today as they were in times that have passed, underlining the fact that human beings have hardly changed despite advances made over many centuries. What others say: “Very imaginative with moral lessons that can be learnt from the conduct of the characters. Presented in the tone of pre-literate society storytelling, they take the reader on a captivating journey.” – Harriet Irungu, Editor and Student of Literature. “This is an invaluable collection of stories that captures both the craft of storytelling and the moral lessons that come with the stories. It is a timely publication for modern times where values and community interest are on a downward slide.” – Anonymous

Beyond the Heart by Frank Mathew

"Beyond the Heart" is a poignant exploration of love's ability to heal and transform, set against the backdrop of family expectations and personal struggles. The characters' journey from despair to redemption highlights the resilience of the human spirit and the power of genuine connection.


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The World’s Banker: A Story of ...

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Never has the World Bank’s relief work been more important than in the last nine years, when crises as huge


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Dkt. KITHAKAWA MBERIA ni mwenyekiti wa Idara ya Isimu na Lugha za Kiafrika, Chuo Kikuu cha Nairobi. Mbali na kusimamia

A Call to Intentional Living

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Staying Conscious While Dancing With Fate and Free Will