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The Money Pressure by Matata Hassan

KShs650.00 KShs450.00
In this gripping tale, four young graduates in search of employment resort to robbing people during the day in order to survive. The story follows their adventures as the move from one city to another trying to evade the law and trying to make as much money as they can. The protagonists are faced with difficult moral choices to justify their actions to themselves and each other. Will they ever find a way out of their desperate situation? This book will keep you on the edge of your seat as you follow the lives of these daring day robbers. In this amazing anthology, you get a chance to interact with amazing African short stories narrated by Africans. It cover a wide range of thematic concerns from different authorial perspective hence portraying diversity in African Literature.

Sauti Za Washairi by Matata Hassan

KShs700.00 KShs550.00
Diwani hii ni kamilifu katika kukuza lugha ya mwanafunzi pamoja na kumtayarisha katika mtihani wake wa kitaifa. Ndani ya diwani hii, mwanafunzi atakumbana na maelekezo kamili kama vile Sifa mbali mbali za mashairi, bahari, jinsi ya kuutumia Uhuru wa mshairi, Pasona/nafsi neni, lugha ya nadhari na mengine mengi. Fauka ya hayo, mwanafunzi pia atakumbana na maswali na majibu ya mtihani wa kidato cha nne yatakayomsaidia katika kujiweka tayari na mtihani huo. Kwa kifupi, diwani hii ni chombo tosha kinachostahili kuabiriwa sio na mwanafunzi tu bali hata mwalimu anayepania kuwatayarisha wanafunzi vilivyo.

Time management techniques for studen...

KShs650.00 KShs500.00
Although the passing of exams in schools is not necessarily enough an indicator for success in life, how cool shall it for a student to crack those grades like nobody’s business? It is not a matter of debate that students enjoy top grades. The real hassle comes in obtaining them. It is amazing how students can be subjected to the same environment, tutor, and class hours, yet some would seem to dramatically position themselves better in curricular activities while others will form the basis for frustration, demotivation and stagnation. Time management techniques for students gives you a blueprint on how you can manage yourself, embrace productivity and dramatically improve your academic life. You will learn valuable skills that shall be instrumental in your journey regardless of whether you are in high school, college or university.

Betrayed By Home by Matata Hassan

KShs650.00 KShs400.00
The sun was setting in the Maasai Mara, painting the horizon with an array of vibrant orange and red hues. As night descended, the small village that was nestled in the center of the savanna became illuminated, with the most notable structure being the hut that belonged to the young Maasai boy and his aunt and uncle. In this amazing anthology, you get a chance to interact with amazing African short stories narrated by Africans. It covers a wife range of thematic concerns from different authorial perspectives hence portraying diversity in African Literature.

Hatima Yangu by Matata Hassan

KShs850.00 KShs699.00
Hatima Yangu inamulika masuala muhimu yanayoikumba jamii ya sasa. Uhalisia wa riwaya hii unaifanya kua ya kipekee katika kuhamasisha jamii.


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