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Focus on Christ

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In this book, John Stott draws our attention to how the New Testament speaks of Jesus Christ. He examines the prepositions used to help us understand more deeply, our position in relation to the Son of God. We are to live in Christ, through Christ, on Christ, with Christ, under Christ, for Christ, and like Christ – and this book will help you become truly Christ-centred.

Godliness from Head to Toe: An Introd...

One of the biggest questions facing Christians today is, ‘How can I live wisely?’. Given all that we say about the Christian faith, is it possible to live an authentic, credible Christian life that demonstrates faith that works? Covering a wide range of practical challenges - whether trial and temptation, or poverty and riches, or our use of words, or our patience in suffering, or our struggle with the world - James helps us become wholehearted disciples of Jesus Christ.

From Why to Worship: An Introduction ...

In a world which often seems out of control, Christians today need to make a vital spiritual journey through the book of Habakkuk. From Why to Worship is structured with sections and subsections that provide a clear set of preaching units that will serve preachers in building a sermon series but this is also an ideal book for individual or group use with questions, discussion points, ideas for action and further study suggestions.

Faith in the Face of Danger: An Intro...

Providing an overview of the Nehemiah story, this book explains the critical importance of choosing God’s priorities and truly hearing and responding to God’s word. It tackles essential themes for Christian living, including how we can know God’s protection under pressure, how we can build Christian community, and how we must live by God’s standards.

Becoming Like Jesus: Cultivating the ...

In this book, Chris Wright reflects on each of the nine qualities that the Apostle Paul includes in the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians, showing how they are rooted in the character of God himself in the Old Testament, and modelled and taught by Jesus.

Sweeter than Honey: Preaching the Old...

Many preachers ignore preaching from the Old Testament because they feel it is outdated and difficult to expound. Other preachers preach from the Old Testament frequently but fail to ‘handle’ it correctly, turning it into moralistic rules or symbolic lessons for our spiritual life. Wright proclaims preachers must not ignore the Old Testament. It is the Word of God! The Old Testament lays the foundation for our faith and it was the Bible Jesus read and used.

God’s Word for Today’s World

Nothing is more important than hearing, understanding and obeying God’s Word. Our Christian lives and local churches depend on this for their life, health and growth. John Stott was well known worldwide for his commitment to the Bible, both in his preaching and in his living. In this brief but persuasive book, he demonstrates the power, authority and relevance of the Bible for every Christian – in every culture and generation.

Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament

Wright uncovers Jesus’ self-understanding as Son of Man and Son of God, following the path and fulfilling the call God placed before Israel. We discover the deeper we go into understanding the Old Testament, the closer we come to the heart of Jesus. This revised and updated edition digs deeper into the OT revealing the God Jesus embodied. Each chapter is followed with questions and exercises, which can be used either in personal study or in groups.

What Angels Long to Read: Reading and...

Meynell skilfully brings the New Testament to life. Guiding the reader through the New Testament, using a host of worked examples, sample sermons and personal exercises, this book offers ideas and approaches to stretch even the most seasoned preachers. This resource makes an excellent companion to Christopher Wright’s Sweeter than Honey.

Strength in Weakness: An Introduction...

2 Corinthians remains one of our most vital and significant reminders that it is not human strength but God’s power that paves the way for victory in the spiritual realm. In this accessible and relevant book, Jonathan Lamb explores key lessons for authentic Christian ministry, including the role of suffering in strengthening our dependence on God, the necessity of both discipline and forgiveness in our church communities, and the centrality of union with Christ for all true Christian witness.


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