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A Strange Twist and Other Stories

KShs800.00 KShs700.00
When Kangi joins a new school, he has no idea of the roller-coaster ride that awaits him. This chapter is riddled with experiences that are new and exciting. How will Kangi navigate culture shock, travelling, differences in beliefs, celebrations, responsibilities, hospital runs and even teeth decays? Is there a way to find solutions to these ever-developing situations? Let us join Kangi in his adventures and see where it all takes us! In this collection, the author has interwoven the core competencies of the Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC) into the stories to create circumstances that not only inform but educate on recurrent themes and topics in the curriculum and society. This is a fun way for the learner to engage and enjoy learning. What Others Say “I loved how the children’s issues were well intertwined with fun and exciting stories. It is an easy read for pre-teens and younger children. My daughter carries her copy with her every day.” - Hellen Wakonyo, Parent. “This will supplement teaching a lot of environmental, science and creative content in my class. It is refreshing to see a writer who delves into the societal contemporary issues surrounding our children.” - Teacher Rukia, Thindigua Junior Secondary School.

The Pearl and Other Poems

KShs700.00 KShs600.00
The Pearl and other Poems is a collection of 41 poems of different forms, styles and themes; themes that touch on varying aspects of life like love, marriage, politics, farming, education, business, leadership, religion, and anxiety, among others. What Other’s Say The poems in this collection are really enticing and evoke real emotions leaving me yearning for more. The content and titles have no match. Echesa’s creativity is just out of this world - Elizabeth Namarome Mukenya. I just can’t argue with the message in the poem “Dancing in the room”, indeed people don’t get tired of doing things they love. I love the poems in this collection, and keep coming back to them - Silas Khasao Wandera.

Deborah and the Chicken

KShs450.00 KShs400.00
What Other’s Say “Deborah and the Chicken, has indeed depicted the manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God. May we watch and pray as we hold to His eternal promises.” Belly Julians Orondo, a publicist.

Crossing the Border

KShs800.00 KShs700.00
The collapse of the Berlin Wall on November 9th,1989 marked the beginning of multi-party politics in many parts of the Third World. The same also held true for African countries. The political landscape changed. In Kenya, the early 1990s were years of ethnic cleansing through arson, land clashes, evictions, forcible displacement, and murder of members of communities then perceived to be sympathetic to the opposition. What happened to those years’ children continues to live in the collective memory of today’s adult Kenyans. Crossing the Border is a novella which captures that moment in Kenya’s history. It fictionalises the experiences of a schoolboy in a tiny village called Odiya, situated at the border between Kenya’s Nyanza and Rift Valley provinces, near the small town of Songhor, in early 1992. Not only does the story record the sadness of those years, it also focuses on proper education as an important agent for national awareness, human compassion, and communal reconciliation especially in the case of children and young citizens. The book is dedicated to all child victims of political violence anywhere in the world, but more so in Africa, where similar evils are still regularly planned and executed by governments in power. What Others Say “Abenea Ndago explored and revealed a uniquely Kenyan territory in his earlier novel, Voices. ‘Crossing the Border’, an equally refreshing read makes western Kenya’s past ethnic strife uniquely his own. This is the work of a master who trod the very hills, rivers, streams, sugarcane plantations and tribal idiosyncrasies of his characters and painfully evokes and retells the tribal spirits of postcolonial Kenya. Though written, the narrative is a griot’s account of inter- ethnic history of the Luo and their neighbours, the Kalenjin and the kisiis, and the inevitable competing tribal consciousness .The politically instigated tribal wars of the 1990s in Kenya is immortalized in this postcolonial Kenyan narrative by a relatively young novelist”. - Mahat Hassan, Kenyan Literary Critic.

The Dreamer

KShs800.00 KShs700.00
Imali Abala’s The Dreamer is a book-length poem; a poetic novella, an unrelenting meditation upon the abuse of women that centres upon the unfortunate path of the dreamer. En route, the links between madness and dreams are explored, a mythical explanation for inheritable insanities, the devastating impacts of culture change and social fragmentation, and the breathlessness of having a tight fist of possibilities and a palette of advisors who all turn the dreamer away, or inward, with no path found for her self-expressive flourishing in the world. What Others Say Touching upon historic and contemporary challenges, this work calls upon all who are in contact with girls and women, in any capacity, to open the world and make room, to clear a space for upcoming generations, on a path strewn with good guidance and marked by the freedom to explore, to walk along a path made solid with life-affirmations.” - Joanne Arnott, Canada, author of A Night for the Lady, Mother Time, Wiles of Girlhood, and Breasting the Waves: On Writing & Healing. “Imali Abala’s The Dreamer is a must read for those seeking to understand female condition in post-colonial Africa. … What stands out in this story is that women have choices in redefining and repackaging their image in a male dominated world.” - Iddah Aoko Otieno, Editor of East African Anthology of Short Stories.

Moody Mood and Courage the Friend

KShs450.00 KShs400.00
This is a beautiful story about true friendship. Moody Mood and Gloomy Courage are good friends. But there is just one tiny problem—Gloomy Courage is always very sad. To brighten his friend’s mood, Moody Mood will stop at nothing! Will he succeed or fail in making his friend happy again?

Moody Mood and Jumbo the bully

KShs450.00 KShs400.00
Moody Mood has done it again! Happy to be back in school after the holidays, Moody Mood runs into an unsettling scene when he sees Jumba, the bully, threatening a smaller boy. Moody Mood springs into action in the boy’s defense. Without the physical might of Jumba, would Moody’s courage under fire save the day?

Mother Rat and Her Son Chepsoo

KShs450.00 KShs400.00
This children’s book teaches about the importance of good behavior and manner among children. It teaches them among other things to respect their parents and elders. Dorothy Jebet has more than 18 years’ experience in the Kenyan journalism scene. She has worked for various media houses including the Nation Media Group, The Standard, the defunct Kenya Times, The Star and Kass FM in various capacities. She is currently an independent consultant and analyst on matters of journalism and media. She has had extensive training in the world of journalism, including a stint on US Congressional Reporting under the Bill Clinton Administration. Dorothy’s work is extensive, some of which has attracted international attention. Her story on the early marriage of a 16 year-old girl won her a Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) sponsorship to study Human Rights and Administration at Lund University.

Kally the Pet

KShs450.00 KShs400.00
Kally the Pet is a story of a girl and her pet. Babby shows her devotion to her pet, Kally. She feeds, bathes, and plays with her. It hurts Babby to see Kally hurt and she learns to thank those who offer care for her pet Kally the Pet is about caring, discipline and responsibility. It is a story about caring and lessons on being grateful.

Kim Says Sorry

KShs350.00 KShs300.00
Kim Says Sorry is a children story about learning how to apologise to adults and other children. The story also teaches us about the golden words for children to use like Please, Sorry, Thank you and Excuse me.


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