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Bringing Out The Best Ouf of Yourself...

KShs1,000.00 KShs800.00
Bringing The Best Out of Yourself in School and Beyond is written with an objective of raising a student who is whole rounded in the sense that he really understands what is happening within and out of him/her. It does not really make sense to graduate an intelligent engineer who can control great and efficient machines to the highest accuracy possible while the same person cannot control her/himself. On the same line, it makes no reason to produce an “A” student who is not of any help to himself, let alone the society he was brought up in or a Business Management student who knows not how to start and run a business despite four years of university education. The topics transcend quite some important aspects of school life and life away from school. This book is designed for anyone who is interested in getting a better self and making an improvement in one or the other part of his life. Though written for high school students, anyone can borrow much from the same text but high school students will find this a really must have book for them.

Tales of the Savannah

KShs1,200.00 KShs1,000.00
An anthology of rural African stories from Baringo county. An interesting representation of African Savannah's past in a humorous and educative way. First book in the series by Amkich Karanja.

Maximizing Time In School

KShs150.00 KShs120.00
Time is a fundamental resource. It is an essential win for every committed student. This book guides students on how to utilize their time and be able to balance among the many demands in school.

A Proactive Student

KShs150.00 KShs120.00
This book seeks to guide students on how they can take initiative and take charge of their success journey. When students are in charge of their success stories, it becomes easy for the parents and teachers alike to support them in their pursuit for excellence.


KShs1,000.00 KShs800.00
Grit for the Road is a collection of true stories and anecdotes of ordinary people journeying through the tough world of academia, sports, entrepreneurship, poverty and family wrangles, chronic diseases, pursuit of excellence to name but a few and how their decisions, unyielding grit and actions uplifted them from the horizon of ordinary to the league of legends and trailblazers

Transiting Post -High School is Over,...

KShs500.00 KShs400.00
Transiting Post -High School is Over, What Next? by Toroitich Patrick Yegon

Afuata Mkondo Mbaya

KShs500.00 KShs380.00
Title: Afuata Mkondo Mbaya Author: Toroitich Patrick Yegon Target Class: Teenage Readers From Class 7 Badu, kijana mwenye umri mdogo anaamua kutoroka kuwachia masomo katika darasa la sita na kwenda mjini kutafuta maisha mapya. Afuata Mkondo Mbaya ni hadithi ya Kupendeza iliyojaa sadfa na matukio yenye kutambua ukweli wa kusikitisha. Mwandishi ametumia ploti sahili na kuzungumzia matukio kwa lugha sahili inayofanya hadithi kuvutia Zaidi. Masimulizi yake yanadhihirisha uovu unaondelezwa na vijana, Badu akiwa mfano wa vijana waliopotokwa na nidhamu katika jamii. Hii ni hadithi adhimu.

Along The Wrong Channel

KShs500.00 KShs380.00
Title: Along The Wrong Channel Author: Toroitich Patrick Yegon Target Class: Teenage Readers From Class 7 Badu, a young boy and currently in class six escapes from school and away he goes to the nearest city to find himself a new life. “This story is suspenseful, gripping and replete with shocking revelations. The author has crafted the plot in a somewhat dialectical patterning of events, making it admittedly entertaining. The narration is convincing due to its mirroring of contemporary social evils that the youth grapple with, Badu being an epitome of this moralistic depiction of decaying virtues. This is a master narrative!” – Chumba G.K

Nyumba Ya Msonge Ya Nyanya Yangu

KShs300.00 KShs230.00
Title: Nyumba ya Msonge ya Nyanya Yangu Series: Msururu wa Discovery Author: Toroitich Patrick Yegon Target Class: Early Readers grade 1-3 Hadithi hii inalenga kukuza uelewa wa watoto wa mazingira yao na kuwawezesha kutunga hadithi kuhusu vifaa, wanyama, maliasili na vitu vingine vingi wanoatumia kila siku. Hadithi hii imeandikwa kulingana na maisha ya kijijini. Inazungumza kuhusu maisha yake nyanya ya msimulizi na jinsi anavyoishi na wanajamii wengine, marafiki, wageni na pia wanyama wao.

My Grandmothers Hut by Toroitich Patr...

KShs300.00 KShs230.00
Title: My Grandmother’s Hut Series: Discovery Series Author: Toroitich Patrick Yegon Target Class: Early Readers grade 1-3 My Grandmother’s Hut is the first of Discovery Series which aims to make children aware of their surrounding environment and enable them make stories out of the common items, animals and natural features they interact with on a daily basis. Written in an old Kenyan village setup, the book talks of the way the grandmother relates with other family members, friends. Visitors, her grandchildren as well as her pets. The all activities are focused on the hut which happens to be a favourite ownership of the grandma

Habits of Highly Successful Students ...

KShs500.00 KShs350.00
Title: Habits of Highly Successful Students Category: Educational and general inspiration Author: Toroitich Patrick Yegon Target Class: Upper Primary School and Beyond Good is not enough when we have a chance to be great. But what separates mediocrity from excellence? To answer this you must ask yourself two questions: Is excellence a function of luck? Is there anything like overnight success? Just as your guess, excellence has never been about luck nor is there anything like overnight success. Both are as a result of culmination of various small strides. Great students are made not born. The making is in their habits. This book seeks to study the habits that have molded great students.

Habits for a Better You by Toroitich ...

KShs500.00 KShs350.00
Title: Habits For A Better You Category: General Inspiration Author: Toroitich Patrick Yegon Target Readers: General Audience Have you ever wondered why some people become successful and accomplished and make the best out of all that they find their hands on whereas others just seem to be destined to never make any meaningful accomplishment? The answer lies in their personal constitutions which is so much constituted by the habits people choose to grow and keep. We make habits then habits make us. Read on to discover the habits that has raised great men and women over time. Allow yourself to grow the ones you lack and strengthen the ones you have so that you may have a better you! Better your best.

How To Pass Examination by Toroitich ...

KShs500.00 KShs350.00
Title: How To Pass Examination Category: Educational and general inspiration Author: Toroitich Patrick Yegon Target Class: Form One-Form Four Many students study so hard yet still fail in their examination. Some do not know how to prepare well for their examinations. This book has been written to help solve this problem and help students to do well in their examinations. It teaches on; why we do examinations, the factors that determine our performance, revision techniques during the various lengths from exam day, terminologies used in high school examinations, how to use examination revision timetable and how to handle examination results.

Essential Skills and Habits For Studi...

KShs500.00 KShs350.00
Title: Essential Skills and Habits for Studies Category: Educational and general inspiration Author: Toroitich Patrick Yegon Target Class: Upper Primary & Beyond This book takes the student through the essential requisite skills and habits for effective sad efficient learning. The student gets to learn of the following skills: Note making skills, Note Taking Skills, Listening skills, Time management skills, Reading Skills, Critical Thinking and Reading Skills, Memorization Skills.

Nyota Ya Kudurusu Sarufi Na Matumizi ...

KShs1,000.00 KShs800.00
Title: Nyota ya Kudurusu Sarufi na Matumizi Ya Lugha Series: Msururu wa Scanner Author: Toroitich Patrick Yegon Target Readers: Wanafunzi wa shule ya Upili. Kitabu hiki kimeandikwa kwa lengo la kuwafunulia walimu, wanafunzi na wapenzi wote wa Kiswahili siri ya kujua sarufi ya Kiswahili, kwani asiyejua sarufi hajui Kiswahili. Maswala haya yameshughulikiwa: Umuhimu wa kusoma sarufi ya Kiswahili, namna ya kutathmini na kujifundisha maswala ya sarufi, changamoto zinazowakumba wanafunzi katika uelewa wa sarufi, stadi za kudurusu sarufi, maswali ya kudurusu viungo vya sarufi, mitihani miigo na ya kitaifa pamoja na majibu kwa maswali yote.

Likizo Mashambani by Toroitich Patric...

KShs500.00 KShs350.00
Title: Likizo Mashambani Series: Hadithi za Kiafrika Author: Toroitich Patrick Yegon Target Readers: Class 5,6,7,8 Hadithi hii inasimulia matukio aliyoyapitia Shani alipozuru kijijini Kaplelekwo wakati wa likizo ya Aprili. Katu Maishani Shani hakuwahi kutarajia kuwa angewahi lia kwa kuondoka Kaplelekwo kama alivyofanya siku hiyo alipokuwa akienda kuabiri gari lililokuwa likimngoja.

Holiday Upcountry by Toroitich Patric...

KShs500.00 KShs350.00
Title: Holiday Upcountry Series: African Stories Author: Toroitich Patrick Yegon Target Readers: Class 5,6,7,8 Holiday Upcountry tells of an explorative childhood experience of Kaplelekwo where Shani spent her April Holidays. Never in her life had Shani imagined that there would have come a moment she had to cry that she was leaving Kaplelekwo for the city.

Bringing The Best Out of Yourself in ...

KShs1,000.00 KShs800.00
Title: Bringing Out The Best Out of Yourself in Primary School and Beyond Series: Bringing Out The Best Author: Toroitich Patrick Yegon Target Readers: Teenagers; class 6,7,8 This book has been written to help our children understand their world and how to conquer it by providing education of the mind which shapes our children’s development towards being responsible, manageable, dependable people who apart from being academic giants are a people of desired character and aptitude. The book takes the pupil through the following areas: Habits and why they are important, Values, Life Skills and Mannerisms, Academic Excellence, Life in School and a taste of Life beyond primary school


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