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Mines and Mind Fields: The Spoken Word

KShs900.00 KShs800.00
"These poems especially speak to a number of related realities in Kenya and other countries in the African continent; they speak about a people with ingenuity and yet forced to make tough choices because of hard economic and political conditions; they speak of an evolving culture, shaped by everyday realities of life and the ingenuities of survival. The mixture of languages and slang also give the poems an interesting immediacy and life." - Mwenda Ntarangwi, Sociology Professor "She is one of the most respected female poets in Nairobi today". The Sunday Nation writer Joseph Ngunjiri says of Njeri, "Njeri Wangari has a powerful voice, and she knows how to put it to good use. Whenever she takes to the podium to recite a poem, she has her enthusiastic audience applauding all the way. " -Sunday Nation 8 February 2009. - Kenya's Leading newspaper. "The poems bring a lot into perspective; and give me a thing or two to think about. ... Very nice ..." - - Cee- A Kenyan Blogger "I have had a hearty laugh reading Maisha Ya Hawker, got the tears to prove it :-) You just topped Women Behaving Badry and I love it! Your expression is amazing Njeri. I can't wait to see you perform this one." - Ndanu - Performance Poet "I must admit these are lovely poems. I have been following your blog for a while and it is very inspiring and informing. I am a poet and run the blog Two Hours Before. Your blog actually inspired me to do it also and I must tell you that your work is excellent. I will keep tuned and hopefully will get an opportunity to meet you and may be attend your performances." - Simon Mwangi Muthiora - Blogger and Poet

Facing the World from Gusii: A Memoir

KShs2,200.00 KShs2,000.00
Facing the World from Gusii: A Memoir, is a personal account of growing up in Gusii, specifically living along the common border between Abagusii and the Maasai. The author captures information and events as he saw them happen as an observer and participant. These include ethnic clashes with the Maasai, tracking stolen livestock, hunting and gathering expeditions, and activities of growing up with others in community spaces. Of interest is the community security group, termed chinkororo that was once proscribed by the government. The author’s life at home captures the realities of the times! The challenges of schooling are of historical significance as they speak to educational issues of the time, be it in primary or secondary schools, or at university. The task of teaching and managing rural community schools offers insights that may not be obvious to the naked eye. The rare opportunity to travel overseas proffers good contrast between life in economically advanced countries and that in less economically advanced countries such as Kenya.

Tessy and the School Bag

KShs400.00 KShs300.00
Tessy and the School bag is about how a young girl learns how to be polite when she would like something from her parents. She likes her friend's bag and she has to find an appropriate way to ask her mother to buy for her the same bag. A child of 5 to 7 years will get a chance to learn how to use kind words like Please and Sorry when they read this story.

Moody Mood and the Red Round Ball

KShs500.00 KShs400.00
In Moody Mood & the Red Round Ball we find Moody Mood who is always moody. He gets mad about everything, even the Red Round Ball, and the sun that keeps ‘smiling’ at him and following him wherever he goes. Would he be less moody if he smiled?

Ominous Clouds

KShs1,000.00 KShs800.00
Ominous Clouds is a collection of poems that have specifically been selected from previous works by the author. The collection comprises of poems with the theme of Kenyan politics. Issues of governance, negative ethnicity and political violence are tackled. The poems have been translated to Finnish, Norwegian and Greek. These multiple translations enable the poetry to travel around the globe and beyond the readership in English, the original language in which they were written. As the translators have noted, the translations offer readership in the said languages to learn about the country Kenya as captured in the poetry.

Sakagwa Ng’iti: A Kisii Prophet

KShs1,200.00 KShs1,000.00
Sakagwa Ng'iti exerted substantial influence on Gusii society and beyond in the latter part of the 1800s. He was many things: a medicine man, rainmaker, an unelected community strategist in dealing with raids from the warring Maasai and Kipsigis, and a prophet whose many prophecies have come to pass, according to those that keenly follow his story. His death was mysterious, leaving many wondering what really happened. Did he, as some accounts claim, eventually settle among the Kipsigis? Was he carried away by chisokoro (ancestors) to join them in the netherworld as happened with Jesus of Nazareth? How come that his spiritual roles (seer, medicine man, and rainmaker) that ran in the family, waned and eventually died off? Peter Okari Nyambasora's Sakagwa Ngi'ti, a Kisii Prophet provides some answers to these questions. It traces the emergence of Sakagwa as a prominent player in Gusii of his time, even as he had no formal power accorded by clan, tribe or lineage. Compiled from oral tales, one on one interviews with family members, and written works, the book provides the most authoritative account of Sakagwa yet written.

Till I’m Laid to Rest

KShs2,000.00 KShs1,800.00
In this compelling novel, Till I'm Laid To Rest by Garfield Ellis' , we meet Shirley Temple Brown a young woman who has survived some of the hardest social and political times Jamaica has seen. But now she is finally tired of just surviving, she wants to thrive and she knows she must leave Jamaica in order to do so. She makes the decision to leave Jamaica for a new start in Miami, USA. Not long after arriving in the city, she begins to see what the glare of the sun and the bright lights have kept hidden: elderly American retirees living out their last days in the warmth and comfort their youth never afforded them, while being cared for by complete strangers; drug dealers hungry for their slice of the American dream, sexual predators, con artists and murderers. Alone in a place where standing still is sure death sentence, Shirley is determined to succeed or be laid to rest!

A Prisoner of Hope

KShs600.00 KShs500.00
In A Prisoner of Hope, the Reverend Augustine Rugutt takes us through an emotional spiritual journey of the life, values and teachings of his mother Pauline Cherono Taptulmat Chepkulul. It is a tale of challenges that few non-believers would overcome, but which his mother overcame in the end. Pauline believed in the Lord and was guided by spiritual belief throughout her life. She suffered but remained hopeful for a better future. As the author testifies, neither sickness nor poverty could deter the spirit that directed her virtuous existence. She was indeed a prisoner of hope, and not only was she able to see her children succeed, but also imparted on them invaluable life-long lessons that continue to shape their lives and those of their children. They are values for all generations present and future. The Reverend Rugutt writes admiringly about his mother and the values she held through her time on earth. He generously shares these intimate tales believing there are lessons for us all as human beings on our earthly and spiritual journeys. A Prisoner of Hope is a must read for all. It is essential for those who, faced with challenges and suffering, may be about to give up hope.

Chronicles of the Idler

KShs1,000.00 KShs800.00
Chronicles of the Idler, Volume One is a collection of short, satirical pieces on various aspects of life. In simple, straight words, the author takes a quick, but critical, look at people, life, places, situations and events and spices up the stories with imagery and unmatched humour. What Others Say “Many people assume that with the demise of the likes of P. K. Okoth of Drums’ Malimoto and the great Wahome Mutahi of Whispers, humour is as good as buried. Not anymore! Chronicles of the Idler is a satirical collection in a class of its own. It is original, comical and superb!” - Solomon Abayo, Principal, Riambase High School.

Kivuli cha Sakawa

KShs1,000.00 KShs900.00
Kivuli cha Sakawa (Sakawa's Ghost) , written in Kiswahili, the major lingua franca in the East African region, is a story about one of Africa's legendary heroes who was at the forefront in the battle against colonialism and its evils. Legend has it that he was a seer and that many of his predictions have come to pass. In this this story, Sakawa finds himself at crossroads following the death of his father, a prominent leader in his own right. Conservative elders in his community who feel threatened by this youngster destined to be a great leader fight him tooth and nail to subdue his shinning star. Will they succeed? Sakawa Ng'iti indeed existed and lived among the Abagusii community in western Kenya at the turn of 19th Century (1800). The unfolding episode in this book did indeed take place, although probably in slightly a different way. By chronicling this episode, the author gives the story a new lease of artistic life and offers opportunity for others to comments and/or offer versions of the story as they understand it.


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