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Learning Kiswahili Book by Wambui Kam...

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This book is written for everyone, whether you're new to Swahili or already familiar with it. It's written in a clear and straightforward style, perfect for beginners. Whether you are planning to travel to a Swahili-speaking region, work with Swahili speakers, or simply have a love for languages, this book will guide you on your journey to mastering the language.

Adhabu ya maisha by Elishaphan Wachir...

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Mwaisambe anamtafuta mganga mashuhuri katika ulimwengu wake mgumu. Je, atampata? Soma upate kujua

Kivuli cha Sakawa

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Kivuli cha Sakawa (Sakawa's Ghost) , written in Kiswahili, the major lingua franca in the East African region, is a story about one of Africa's legendary heroes who was at the forefront in the battle against colonialism and its evils. Legend has it that he was a seer and that many of his predictions have come to pass. In this this story, Sakawa finds himself at crossroads following the death of his father, a prominent leader in his own right. Conservative elders in his community who feel threatened by this youngster destined to be a great leader fight him tooth and nail to subdue his shinning star. Will they succeed? Sakawa Ng'iti indeed existed and lived among the Abagusii community in western Kenya at the turn of 19th Century (1800). The unfolding episode in this book did indeed take place, although probably in slightly a different way. By chronicling this episode, the author gives the story a new lease of artistic life and offers opportunity for others to comments and/or offer versions of the story as they understand it.