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Voyage of 90 Years with Kongi

"Voyage of 90 Years with Kongi," is a special collection of poems celebrating the life and legacy of Wole Soyinka. This anthology features a foreword by the Dr. Wale Okediran. Co-edited by Onyeka Nwelue and Abraham Aondoana.

Afrorenaissance Vol. 1 by Sogallo The...

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A book penned by Artists Sogallo and Native Nairobi, Afrorenaissance Vol. 1 delves into the philosophy of changing the African narrative through art, and delves into the African perspective on History, Afrofuturism, Metaphysics and Self awareness.

Everything Has Wings by J.O Bernard

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‘Everything Has Wings’, is a refreshing collection of poems by J.O. Bernard that dances gracefully through the highs and lows of life. With a blend of wit, and deep introspection, Bernard explores themes of love, religion, and death, creating a tapestry of words that is both poignant and entertaining. Each poem is a little adventure, inviting readers to see the world through Bernard’s inquisitive eyes. His unique perspective transforms everyday experiences into extraordinary moments, making this anthology a delightful companion for those seeking a meaningful conversation and contemplation.


Breaking The Mold is an anthology of poems inspired by both the author's personal encounters and those of individuals close to her, delving into themes of love, anguish, and the intimate connection with spirituality. These verses resonate with readers at different points in their lives, each poem gently claiming a piece of the reader's heart. Ultimately, it captures the essence of life and the complexities of human emotions. Above all, readers will sense the author's passion as she guides them through this touching expedition of life's trials and triumphs.

Pleased. by Nabangala B

Pleased (rated R) is a collection of poems & short stories celebrating sex, love & friendship. Enjoy scintillating fantasy erotica like 'Solo Day Out' and epic love tales like 'Forever Bae'. Erotic & romantic literature is taken to a new level and platonic love is celebrated and hailed and honored. Naba's writing is melodious, authoritative, entertaining and inspiring. Happy reading!

Echoes of Fading Memories

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'Echoes of Fading Memories' is like whispers from the past, slowly fading away. It's about moments filled with emotions—love, pain, and joy—echoing softly like distant bells in the quiet night. Let's treasure what we have together right now, Since, In the night's quiet embrace, So many memories threaten to slip away - Unaware of their essence! In this sanctuary of beautifully crafted verses, their echoes shall stay.

A House of Rage by Wesa Sitati

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  • "Authored by father and Son, this collection of poems covers two generations. They are about birth, life and death and include all the emotions of a human life; joy, love, pain, sorrow; and all the other emotions in between. The poems draw you gently into their song and carry you along their journey of rhythm and rhyme; from time immemorial to world without end; in water, on land and in the air" - Esther Katheu Mbithi, PhD., Senior Lecturer and Chief Editor at Kenyatta University

Tomorrow Never Came by Lavin Owende

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It's a love story poetically narrated where lovers have a dream to have a lifetime together. Then life leads them to different places and one of them is stuck between chasing the ways of their glory days and looking at what lies ahead of her. It's a journey of trying to find a different path. Healing from loving and losing. It's recovery and relapsing band hoping to find oneself again

A Dine At Nature’s Death

"A Dine At Nature's Death" is a poetry anthology that advocates for environmental conservation and protection of nature. It's a satirical piece that mocks the greediness of man indulging in environmental destruction to gather fortunes minding less of the doom the planet is facing.

Wandering Words by Kabiru Muraya

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Wandering words is a captivating poetry anthology that takes readers on a profound exploration of the human experience. Through evocative verses. The collection navigates the intricate landscapes of emotions, personal growth, and the diverse paths we tread in life

30 Years This March

A book of poetry painting a vivid portrait of life's complexities, weaving themes of love, loss, resilience and self discovery through the author's experience of Womanhood, Life, Walking, Our World, Life and Love and and Defining Myself.

Divine Disorder by Bint Aisha

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Divine Disorder is an enthralling compilation of beautifully woven poems. This anthology revolves around the one thing that knits together the fabric of humanity: Love. It is divided into three chapters, namely Of Fondness and Adoration, Renditions of a Hurt Heart, and Amelioration. Of Fondness and Adoration camps on the aspect of falling in love, loving, wanting to be loved and abusive love. Renditions of a Hurt Heart dwells on the pain, tears, and brokenness that comes from love. Amelioration, which is the ending chapter, majors on healing and heartbreak, finding one self in love, and embracing one's flaws and wins. In this collection you will meet the mind and heart of Aisha Mohamed a.k.a Bint Aisha, and it will remind you that we are all human and thus similar in a way.

Beyond That Horizon by Wahiga Gichinga

The book Beyond That Horizon is a collection of 250 pieces of poetic reflections meant to help one think through life. An invite to think through your wins, strengths and opportunities. Also think through your losses, failures and weaknesses. An invite to analyse life, question it and take leadership over your desired outcome.

Love alters the landscape of the hear...

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28 poems (14 celebrating love, 14 bemoaning the loss of love) Need I say the numbering is poetic? It does not matter whether you're indifferent, ambivalent, or excited about Valentine’s Day, the unavoidable tentacles of puppy/true love or infatuation have reeled you in at some point.

Dearest I set you free by Wanjiru Njeri

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Wanjiru wa Njeri has a degree in social psychology and is passionate about mental health. Dearest I set you free is her first published book. It is a collection of 40 poems with journal pages to note down the reader's thoughts and feelings with the aim to attain healing and recovery after the loss of a loved one. It is a creative and candid way to go through grief.


This book is my reflection throughout the years from my pre-teen to adult years. From the age of 12 to 15 I was molested by a male family friend and this dented my self-esteem. I had a very horrible relationship with mirrors. I never saw the worth in the person looking right back at me so I avoided them. This all started changing when I bumped into the art of Spoken Word poetry and it helped me find the confidence to deal with PTSD and speak out about my story to bring healing to both myself and others. This book is my Mirror. You will get to experience my reflection over the years through it.