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Finding Your Higher Self by Frank Odh...

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"Finding Your Higher Self" is a book that takes the reader through a journey of personal development, self-discovery and Moulding; Perceiving you the reader as a vessel rich with treasures buried within, guiding you through a transformation process designed to work the inside fabric within, igniting a deep understanding and wisdom to re-adjust accordingly your perception and perspective towards life. It leaves no stone unturned through its carefully selected topics to assist you discover these treasures buried within, crafting the reader into a natural achiever.


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Life will mostly move in the direction of your words. Every thing starts as thoughts (words) in the mind (soliloquy). Self talk should be positive. Words have power, so this book covers on how to use your power in a good way. Life will move in the direction of your words, in terms of dreams goals and ambitions.

The Mindset of a Successful Student

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It is clear that everyone wants to succeed; no one wants to fail, and no one wants to live a low-class life. Every student wants good grades; nobody wants to fail exams. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Why is failure more common than success, yet no one wishes to fail? Why is there a mismatch between what we want from life and what we get? Inspired by the urge to answer the above questions, I decided to write this book with the hope that by addressing them, I would assist individuals aspiring for growth, those who are stuck at one point without noticeable progress, and highly ambitious people looking for guidance on where to direct their energy. Though the book is written with students at the heart of it, it will open the eyes of everyone who flips through the pages. I share a deep conviction that great success is reserved to those who infinitely seek knowledge and abide by the principles of success. Highly accomplished men and women are therefore great students of life. Join me on an engaging journey towards an eye opening knowledge expedition.


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The Power of Right Beliefs empowers readers to boldly and critically reflect on issues which define their lives. Every human being is unique with inbuilt potential to tap into in order to enjoy the purpose of their existence. It aims at shaping and strengthening perspectives of readers to become a better version of themselves. 🤗

First Great Success by Sauline Mbaka

This book presents outstanding pillars of life among others that will: o Offer advice and constructive examples of how first Borns of all kinds of back ground can succeed and improve their lives spiritually, physically, financially thus advantageous to their siblings too. EST GREAT JCCESS o Empower them to be good leaders/ mentors who enjoy making a difference and guiding their siblings to achieve their potential as well as reach new horizons. O Challenge first Borns to take ownership in defining their success and reality. o Enable them create visions of their destinations hence it is a kill to destruction as well as their siblings. o Give complete make overs to distressed souls and generally to those who have difficulties with their past hurts. As a First born be Empowered and make a Difference! This is an instilling book well written with spiritual inspiration to provide founda- tional insights of life and overcoming challenges to success for firstborns who always "design and build" the family plane while flying it. I highly recommend this book for firstborns, parents, guardians, caregivers and anyone looking for inspi- ration for taking on new challenges in life. -Dr. David Kimori, Professor, USA.

The Power of Your Destiny Book by Mar...

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This book is the perfect guide for anyone looking to pursue their destiny with intention and with faith in God. You matter and there is a reason why you are here on earth. Inside you will find sections on the importance of defining your destiny, self-affirmation, planned pathways, personal well-being, journey helpers, resilience and reaching for the stars as you faithfully pursue your destiny. You will find motivation, inspiration and encouragement on every page.

THE PASSWORD by Peter Okumu

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God has endowed us with all the necessary resources to live a life imbued with purpose, success, and contentment. Nevertheless, we may remain oblivious or incapable of accessing this cache of valuable assets. Despite strenuous exertion, meager rewards may befall us. Conversely, we may amass great riches, yet anguish and sorrow inundate our existence. Thus, we must ponder the worth of existence itself. Is it meritorious to traverse the arduous path of life? Is it worth combating adversity and pursuing opulence?

Three Things You Must Desire in Life

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In Three Things you Must Desire Bishop Augustine Rugutt provides some guiding principles to enable humankind lead fruitful spiritual lives. Much as she is driven by her infinite range of desires, Bishop Rugutt argues that what is vital is what God desires of humankind. As such, it is humankind’s duty to understand what God desires of her and, to do so, she must develop a strong spiritual relationship with the Lord. Being right with God is essential, the author avers, for it offers the basis for all other relations to be right with the rest of society. Bishop Rugutt identifies three important desires which he suggests will enhance the relationship with God and enrich the lives on this earth, namely: the Desire to Live in Righteousness, the Desire to have a Godly Family and the Desire to Prosper in God’s Way. The Desire to Live in Righteousness is a consequence of humankind’s need for spiritual power to do what is virtuous in society. To be righteous requires seeking God continuously even in the face of challenges and distractions. Desire to have a Godly Family recognizes that a family with a strong spiritual foundation is essential for humankind to thrive spiritually. It is thus important that families live in righteousness and godliness, starting this early in the lives of children. The author’s view of prosperity is broad and he suggests that pursuit for prosperity should be based on addressing the needs of society and be spiritual in itself, and hence the Desire to Prosper in God’s Way. What others say “This is a book worth reading and keeping in one’s library because it is written to help one to grow in godliness.” - Prof. Eric Masinde Aseka, Professor of Leadership and Governance and Senior Pastor. “The author makes a persuasive argument that, as much as our desires may be infinite, what really matters is what God desires of us. This is a timely message, especially coming at a time of global turmoil and many personal challenges.” – Matunda Nyanchama, Book Publisher About the Author Bishop Augustine Rugutt, a Pastor by calling, is a trained agricultural engineer, a profession which he practised for many years. He served the government of Kenya for thirteen years until 2006 when he left to dedicate his time to the ministry of serving God. He is the husband of Nancy Rugutt and father of Faith Chelangat, Mercy Cherotich, Caren Cherono, Nehemiah Rugutt, Salome Chemngetich and Joshua Kiprono. Bishop Rugutt is a spiritual father to many. Based in Narok Town, Kenya, he serves

From Grass to Grace by Faleri Muthoni

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From Grass to Grace is an inspiring story of resilience, hope, and determination told with vivid descriptive past experiences. It is Faleri Muthoni's story of self-invention and survival, coupled with the unsparing intrigues of fate. Inspired by his single mum and the struggles they faced; This story will leave you believing that nothing is cast in stone. Faleri hopes From Grass to Grace will be the needed nudge to get anyone out of their comfort zone and catapult dormant and undiscovered talents in order to pursue their dreams.

Fashioned for Life by Samuel Kanja

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Fashioned for Life is a necessary read that is intended to help one understand why life is undoubtedly precious. It gives the individual a chance to consciously reflect on what their purpose in life is, how they can live up to it and how to go over the hurdles on the way to a fulfilling life. It is a call to meditate on the most essential attributes of holistic living. The book puts emphasis on responsible and purposeful living founded on Christian values and moral principles. More to it, it is a call to celebrate life – for what it is and what it can be. It also incorporates the key elementary virtues, values and principles that offer cross cutting solutions to frequently asked life questions. It has some of the best principles of life that may help people to Love Life and Live It. Fashioned for Life gives you the fundamentals of life, not as a routine, but as a daily experience – of conscious and deliberate living. The question of how to have a purpose-driven life, full of genuine gratitude and contentment is broadly handled from a Christian and social living set up. It is a crusade against casual and negative living that has made most people think that ‘Life is too hard’ and ‘Life is poisoned’.

A Prisoner of Hope

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In A Prisoner of Hope, the Reverend Augustine Rugutt takes us through an emotional spiritual journey of the life, values and teachings of his mother Pauline Cherono Taptulmat Chepkulul. It is a tale of challenges that few non-believers would overcome, but which his mother overcame in the end. Pauline believed in the Lord and was guided by spiritual belief throughout her life. She suffered but remained hopeful for a better future. As the author testifies, neither sickness nor poverty could deter the spirit that directed her virtuous existence. She was indeed a prisoner of hope, and not only was she able to see her children succeed, but also imparted on them invaluable life-long lessons that continue to shape their lives and those of their children. They are values for all generations present and future. The Reverend Rugutt writes admiringly about his mother and the values she held through her time on earth. He generously shares these intimate tales believing there are lessons for us all as human beings on our earthly and spiritual journeys. A Prisoner of Hope is a must read for all. It is essential for those who, faced with challenges and suffering, may be about to give up hope.