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This Red Land: A novel

KShs1,800.00 KShs1,600.00
“I was moved by the character’s struggle to find meaning in their lives. So sorry to see it end! I couldn’t put it down. It is a story told with great imagination and sensitivity. The descriptions of New York, Kenya and Japan come alive.” - Mel Haber, business writing teacher “This novel expertly transports the readers across continents, decades and cultures. The characters’ lives are nicely interwoven in this real-world novel.” - Rich Green, retired professor of comparative literature. “In this moving sequel to his novels Malaika, Salted With Fire, and Kwamboka’s Inquiry, Dobrin weaves a riveting, tragic tale bridging the lives of his richly developed characters in New York and Kenya across decades marked by violent political and social upheavals. From the red soils of Kenya, to the red of blood spilled, to the red of political ideology, This Red Land presents timeless themes of love, struggle, and yearning for justice in a carefully crafted, wise, and deeply human work of richly detailed historical fiction.” - Colleen Eren, sociologist. Enriching. Enjoyably Complex. Bravo! “Vivid characters leading parallel lives with vastly different experiences and perceptions of the world are expertly interweaved by the author to briefly intercept in an unexpected and powerful way amid rich cultural, political and historical texture. This isn’t just one captivating story - but instead three! Brilliant surprise endings leave sense of something to grieve, but also to imagine and hope for.” - Jack Beder, Vice-President of Consumer Research Company

Scholarly Research: Writing and Publi...

KShs2,100.00 KShs2,000.00
Scholarly Research: Writing and Publishing into Journals and Books captures the value, process and publication of research findings. The core thesis is that conducting research is uniquely significant as it is one of the age-old means of responding to the diverse questions that face humanity. Indeed, systematic, objective, and rigorous research form the basis of most cutting-edge discoveries in the history of mankind. Conducting research is one step in the knowledge construction enterprise; dissemination is the other. Unless research results are disseminated, their significance is considerably undermined. Dissemination ensures that claims made by a researcher are interrogated, shaped, and re-interpreted by peers which forms the basis of additional scholarly discourse and calls for further research, ad infinitum. Dissemination also ensures that research findings reach policy makers and inform policy formulation. While findings from research can be disseminated through a number of outlets, this book focuses on academic publishing in books and journals. It describes the core principles in academic research and its reporting, guided by time-tested conventions that have evolved in the field over time. We discuss, as a foundation, what scholarly research is and explore writing for scholarly publication in the form of journals and books. It is hoped that this work will generate intellectual conversations, amongst our research peers and beyond, especially with regard to the broad concept of epistemology in practice.

Reminiscing Wonderland

KShs1,200.00 KShs1,100.00
Praise for Dr. Mong'are Bw'Onyancha's Reminiscing Wonderland “Interesting stories! ...some brought me to tears. Others were enthralling. I was moved by Molo's life story and captivated by the coming of age stories.” Cindy, Editor “Reminiscing Wonderland. The narrator's imagination perceives his new school as a magical dreamland, a 'Once upon a time perfect home 'until he encounters 'stains' which threaten to curtail his aspirations. His learner's enthusiasm, just like in the novel, The African Child, is without parallel. He is like an arrow on the hunter's bow, ready to go. Molo is one of the hurdles he has to overcome. Superficially, Molo is portrayed as a cold, stone-hearted troublemaker. Yet, the writer delves into his stained life. By the end, the reader sympathizes with the concept of his being, relationships, and nurturing (compare with the novels, A Grain of Wheat and Crime and Punishment, where main characters don't have close trusted relationships and how they reap what they sow). Good defeats evil, and there is the hope of redemption and support systems to the purest of state. With the passage of time and increase in human activities, all life in Wonderland will be altered in some way (Paradise Lost, Wonderland Stained).”

Salted with Fire

KShs1,200.00 KShs1,000.00
Salted with Fire takes place in Kisii on the eve of Kenya’s independence. Central to the story is Dexter Conway, a colonial officer who will be one of the few to remain in Kenya. This suits Conway, who seeks a different life in the newly independent country. The tale begins with a mysterious train wreck. As the story unfolds, Conway becomes enmeshed with Kwamboka, wounded and hidden at Conway’s home by his servant, Maranga. Through Kwamboka, Conway’s relationship with Maranga takes a new turn. In the surprising and suspenseful story, Arthur Dobrin reverses the effect of a changing world upon the lives of these people in Western Kenya

The Scavengers

KShs1,600.00 KShs1,500.00
Scavengers is a story of twists and turns in relationships, and personal interests, that all make a complex entangled web in a community that straddles the traditional and modern. It is a tale of widowhood occasioned by close family friends, the clash of views on a widow’s and masculinity’s place in society. … will there is justice? Or even, poetic justice? Moreover, this is a story about a mother who faces challenges in raising a son to become a professional she would be proud of, only to be disappointed that a child, even having qualified into one of the most prestigious professions, can reject it as her dream! He would pursue his own career course! What others say “The content is factual. The writer captures real life situations where our goodness, at some point, can cost our lives. Not all good deeds are repaid with goodness.” – Rose Kenya Kong’ani, teacher and editor.

The Song of a Blacksmith and Totems o...

KShs800.00 KShs700.00
The Song of a Blacksmith and Totems of Abagusii provides insights into two aspects of Abagusii that have not previously been written in this level of detail. First are totems of Abagusii clans and how these came to be. There are insights that inform why, for instance, the Abagirango came to be associated with the leopard. This is in addition to the origins of some clans of Abagusii. Stories of totems of Abagusii clans are similar to stories told by other ethnic groups that may have similar origins or interacted with Abagusii in their sojourns. Further research into how this came to be would unearth the relations that may exist among these ethnic groups. The second area is on spiritual matters, including phenomena, roles and some spiritual manifestations in the Gusii community. A number of spiritual roles are discussed, including the purpose of these roles and how individuals were consecrated to assume them. The elaborate processes that were required for consecration underline the importance accorded to those roles. While many people may not relate to the work in this book, it nonetheless provides good insights into the society that Abagusii lived in.

Guidance and Counselling: A Handbook ...

KShs700.00 KShs600.00
Teaching minus counselling is like faith without action, which is dead (James 2:26). Dr. Charles Tinega's more than twenty-five (25) years' teaching sojourn provides a perfect experience that he now wants to share with you: most excellent Theophilus (Luke 1:3). With respect to guidance and counselling, the experience is revealed in this simple, practical, and heartfelt handbook. Indiscipline in institutions of learning poses a great challenge not only to young people but also to society at large. This is compounded by life-threatening phenomena such as HIV/AIDS and the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as drugs and other dangerous and addictive substances. All these undermine the provision of quality education to the youth in institutions of learning. Guidance and Counselling: a Handbook for Teachers and Students starts off the presentation of the topical issues with a captivating motivational story dubbed "Parable of a Foolish Bee", which captures the need for young people to respect elders in society. The book goes on to offer guidelines on formulating a code of conduct, especially for secondary schools in Kenya. This is beneficial to institutions that have not yet had an elaborate copy of school rules and regulations or those wishing to revise the existing ones.

Chubot the Cursed One and other stories

KShs1,000.00 KShs800.00
Christopher Okemwa's Chubot, the Cursed & Other Storiesis a collection of stories which captures society's realities as played by characters rendered in the stories. A recurring theme is the role of women in society and their longing for equity, their triumph often depicted by heroines catapulted by circumstances rather than deliberate action of society to engineer their success. Women's humility is felt through the stories, even in the face of courage to confront taboos and traditions with society contributing little towards their success. Indeed, women's triumphs are captured as happening where men fall short. Many of these stories raise the question of why society lacks a systematic approach to women's empowerment. Chubot, the Cursed One, and Other Stories was selected in the UN SDG Book Club Africa Chapter as a Club title in the Social Development Goal (SDG) number 5 - Gender Equality

The Gong: A collection of Poems

KShs1,000.00 KShs900.00
"A very good insight into the writer's perception of life - as a child, the woes of African teachers, life and death, religion, prostitution, marriage, witchcraft, love, hatred and existence. "These poems are genuine; and convey the heartfelt experiences of a very sensitive, honest and articulate spirit. You can tell that Christopher is talented. "Poetry is a concentrated form of expression. It's not for the prosaic or the talkative. Christopher is fortunate to belong to the class of humans who can say a lot in a few words." - Charles Phebi-Agyekum, Author "Christopher Okemwa is a master of mixing the voice of rapture with despair, an exceptional voice, in many ways unlike the usual voice we hear from Africa , longing to unravel the secrets of life and of love, striving to reach the unreachable, accomplished and lyrical." - Anna Petkova Mwangi “The Gong is an excellent work that engages the reader. Each poem leads to a journey; a weaving of Stories, Sayings and Truths, each one creating an imprint on the mind. It is an unforgettable experience and a remarkable record of the times which must be shared.” - Estella Muyinda

Callused Hands

KShs1,800.00 KShs1,600.00
Kenyan coffee is renowned all over the world for its distinctive quality and hence reputation. It graces tables of the finest eateries from London to New York, and has been romanticized by those who visited the country and were enchanted by it. At one point it was the leading contributor to the country's foreign revenue. Unknown to many in the world the slavery-like conditions under which it is produced. Callused Hands explores some of these difficult conditions under which this precious 'black gold' is produced, and the unseen faces that grovel under the surface in ensuring that gourmet consumers in the West are fed. "This is a great book! It makes me feel like it is a fresh and imaginative story that makes sense the entire time of reading it. It is well written and exceptionally compelling." - Sheena Brennan - Publishing Editor "The novel celebrates the spirit and bravery of disempowered women who can, together, tip the balance in favour of workers and justice. This is a compassionate and ultimately triumphant story. - Linda Cracknell, Writer-in-Residence at Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital "Stanley Gazemba's Calloused Hands is an exciting work that re-imagines hopelessness. In a sluggish almost non-committal fashion, the novel creates ground for the readers to take a peek into the lives of the 'wretched of the earth.' One feels as though he has been sucked into that bottomless pit from which the characters are struggling to come up for air. The never-ending suffering becomes a bitter-sweet element that angers and then provokes one to want to change the story- to make it sweeter for all." - Dr. Fred Mbogo, Moi University


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