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This book will set you off on a journey to know your numbers and take control of your financial position.


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"The Pursuits of Self Justice" is a groundbreaking book that delves into the practical application of five fundamental principles as a roadmap for achieving mental well-being and leading a purposeful life. Authored by a visionary who understands the intricate balance between self-discovery and societal expectations, the book introduces the concept of "Self-Justice," a holistic approach encompassing self-identity, branding, career, income, and investments. At its core, the book advocates for a life lived with ease, not necessarily an easy life. The author articulates a philosophy that encourages individuals to embark on a journey of self-exploration, emphasizing the importance of understanding one's true self. Through the lens of self-identity, readers are guided to unravel their authentic selves, unburdened by societal expectations and limitations. The second principle, branding, underscores the significance of cultivating a personal brand that aligns with one's values and aspirations. The author illustrates how a well-defined personal brand can serve as a compass, guiding individuals through life's complexities and helping them make meaningful decisions. Career, the third principle, is explored as a crucial component of self-justice. The book challenges conventional notions of success, urging readers to pursue careers that resonate with their passions and purpose. By aligning one's professional life with personal fulfillment, the author argues that individuals can attain a sense of justice in their journey. Financial well-being forms the fourth principle, as the book advocates for a comprehensive approach to income and investments. Readers are encouraged to view financial stability not merely as a means to an end but as a tool for realizing personal goals and aspirations. The author provides practical insights on managing finances wisely and investing strategically to secure a future that aligns with individual values. The overarching theme is a call to discern life's intricacies and appreciate its full spectrum. The author passionately articulates the "why" behind the pursuit of self-justice, contending that embracing life without societal constraints opens up infinite possibilities. By fostering a mindset of continual learning and seeking clarity, individuals can unlock their potential within the finite span of time on Earth. "The Pursuits of Self Justice" is more than a guide; it is a manifesto for those seeking fulfillment, encouraging readers to break free from societal thresholds and shape their destinies. Through compelling narratives and practical advice, the book empowers individuals to embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery, purpose, and an enriched life.

Real Growth Hacks by Festus Maina

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This is the book that shows you why you should throw away your motivation speaker off the window and get everything practically done. The book uses hundreds of failure and success cases from top performing careers, startups, and major investments of the 21st century. It gives you practical, social, emotional, and psychological guidelines to take you through from idea formulation, preparation, psychological execution, overcoming, and living beyond mere success. Stop getting comfortable with small things. Low grade careers, low performances, and living in self-limited spaces. It is all in your brain and how you get it done. Not how well you keep meditating, imagining, and reasoning. Prodigious system investments hold the greatest growth secret to financial freedom. I choose to show you and guide you with working philosophies, financial and capitalism secrets, deep work systems, tough routines, burning bridges, and conquering endless excuses that you always entertain. Don’t get comfortable in shallow work, shallow thinking, and the old shackles of cultures; you are a limit to what you want and self-set capabilities through whatever you permit. It is not motivation; it is a practical mentorship guide to make you a finisher. Life rewards finishers. We have to do it in the toughest of all times without bureaucratic fears. Learn how to craft it and practically get it done.

Nawiri: How To Prosper God’s Way

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I dream of a financially powerful movement of believers: debt-free and wealthy- ravenously spending on the kingdom. Mighty takers, advancing and conquering territories, turning them into the Kingdoms of our God. That's why I wrote this book back in 2011- to inspire and arm you! It all began in 2007 as a personal search in the scripture for answers as I could not reconcile the gap between what the Bible says and my financial situation then; I was stuck and drowning in debt. Seventeen years later, God has blessed me beyond measure- I am grateful. So, I dared to publish and share with you these secret truths from a personal journal because I care. I want to help you prosper, too. And so does God. The book, which comes in a fresh revelation of God's word, is crafted as a deeply-reflective and result-oriented educational program to do just that- help you prosper. It reveals how-to secret truths and practical wisdom that, applied, can set you on a turnaround path to true financial freedom. The book is perfect for individual and small-group study. Turn the page and join me on a march to financial freedom!

Is Money a Treasure- A Money Life ski...

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Is Money A Treasure is a Children Money Life skills Work Book for Children from 9 years of age. Cultivating positive Money habits, skills and attitudes from an early age for a lifetime of financial well-being.

Needs Versus Wants- A Money Life Skil...

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A Money Life skills workbook for Children from 7 years of age. Cultivating positive Money habits, skills and attitudes from an early age for a lifetime of financial well-being.

What is Money – A Money Life Sk...

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A Money Life Skills Work Book for Children from 5 years of age Cultivating positive Money habits, skills and attitudes from an early age for a lifetime of financial well-being.

Savings as a Life skill- Money Life S...

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A Money Life skills Workbook for Children from 7 years of Age. Cultivating positive Money Habits, Skills and Attitudes from an early age for a lifetime of financial well-being.

The 7Ms of Moneyship by Erastus Muthura

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The Book is meant to empower you by sharing 7 pillars to personal financial management.

Money Making Deals by John Gitau

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This guidebook is about money making deals; the clean type. It reveals money making systems known by a few, who use them to get rich. however, it is the ease with which each person can get into money making deals that makes the guidebook insightful. The simple examples shared demonstrate that any level of money can be made in deals, It is not a reserve for special people.

Lets Discuss: Money Making Models by ...

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The ability to make more money depends on how open we are to possibilities of making money from other models outside what we are used to. For example, a security guard might take more money home from the solicitation model than regular job. An employee might make more money through investing than from employment.

Simple Ways to Make Money by John Gitau

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Whether you are employed, doing business, unemployed or in school, there is room to make more money if you follow the simple techniques shared in this book. This guidebook is about making more money using simple techniques. Everybody, whether employed, doing business, unemployed or in school can make more money since they have the requisite tools; which are the brain, mind and ability to act.

SMAAT Finance by Jane Isiaho

Many people run into multiple problems owing to their failure to manage their finances in a way that works for them. Invariably, the problems they cause themselves spill over to their performance and whether they are employees or business people, soon these problems begin to affect organizational performance. It is therefore in the interests of any organization that the people running it know and are able to manage their personal finances. This book goes beyond classroom knowledge to provide individuals with a practical model for financial independence. It seeks to demystify personal financial management by breaking it down to five simple steps in a model we term as SMAAT finance that any individual can apply with ease. This model helps individuals come up with practical ways of managing their personal finances in a manner that ensures they not only are able to live within their means, but also create surpluses within their current incomes for savings and investment. This model does not offer a ‘get-rich-quick’ miracle, but for sure promises a life of financial independence after careful application of the same.