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New Horizons of Poems by Maria Kegode


“New Horizons” is a tapestry of poems, where readers are invited on a journey through the myriad experiences that sculpt our lives. From the gentle touch of a petal to the roar of a storm, these poems convey the spirit of our daily interactions with the world around us. With a reflective eye, the collection looks at AI's growing influence both now and in the future.

"New Horizons" is a celebration of diversity, a tribute to the complex fabric of cultures and identities that make up our world. It encourages everyone to pursue their full potential. It empowers women, encouraging them to pursue their aspirations, and it looks to the youth with hope, recognizing their role as the architects of tomorrow. This collection of poems is a gentle reminder of the beauty and resilience that exists within and around us.

Fractured By The Weight by Lavin Owende

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Fractured by the weight is a five chapter poetry collection that touches on the struggles endured in our day to day lives. The challenges of our youth, our mental health battles, dealing with grief due to the loss of a loved one, the scars we carry from our past trauma and the hope we find from seeking assistance from God

Troubled Heart; Poetic Reflections, M...

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Sankara Berhane Sellassie's "Troubled Heart" is a poetic masterpiece that takes readers on an emotional and intellectual journey, exploring a plethora of themes that resonate with the complexities of human existence. Through the evocative titles of each poem, the author sets the stage for a poignant exploration of love, spirituality, relationships, introspection, and societal paradigms. Sankara Berhane Sellassie's "Troubled Heart" is a poetic symphony that resonates with the human soul. The evocative language, diverse themes, and thought-provoking titles make this anthology a captivating read, inviting readers to reflect on life, love, faith, and the enigmatic beauty that surrounds us. It's a heartfelt journey through the intricacies of the heart and mind, leaving an indelible mark on the reader's soul. In essence, "Troubled Heart" by Sankara Berhane Sellassie is a rich and diverse collection that appeals to a wide range of readers, from lovers of romance and introspection to those pondering existential questions and societal paradigms.

Roga Nisiroge By Lexas Mshairi

In this mesmerizing poetry anthology, Roga Nisiroge?, Lexas Mshairi (Nzolo) embarks on a linguistic journey, fusing English, Swahili, Sheng', and Kamba to explore the essence of healing in a bustling city; Nairobi, Kenya. Nzolo introduces us to the concept of "kuroga," a convergence of rap, Hip-Hop, and spoken-word, bridging traditional Akamba healing practices with contemporary expression. The enigmatic title, "Roga Nisiroge," beckons us into a world of love, loss, dreams, and despair, guiding us toward gratitude and truth. His poetry, both introspective and universally relevant, reminds us that healing is an ongoing process, offering a radiant beacon of hope in a chaotic world. Through language and culture, this anthology unites us, celebrating Kenya's diversity and the transformative power of words. Lexas Mshairi’s words will linger in your heart, echoing long after the final verse.

Of Scattered Tears

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Scattered Tears’ is an anthology of 18 soothing poetries on the theme of ‘Love’. Love is a thin heavenly neutral line between smiles and tears. Not all relationships end with a ‘happy ever after’ and that is why this collection is here for you. To help you heal that broken heart. Heartbreak is real; heal and live happier. The poetries in this book are written with high professionalism that will leave you hungry for more. I have dedicated it to four main types of readers: 1. To those with broken hearts. I know you want to heal and live a happy life, this book is for you. 2. To those learning poetry. This anthology contains all the basics that you should know about poetry, including forms and styles. The next update of this book will contain a detailed analysis of each poem. 3. To those enjoying poetry. Sit tight and read this book. I do not doubt that you will enjoy every bit of it. The good news is that ‘Of Scattered Tears’ is a twin book of ‘Of Painted Smiles’. The twin books cover the two major spheres of love: Heartbreaks and Happiness. 4. To anyone and everyone who likes to read. I am a reading addict too. Writing this book has been easy. I love poetry and it mostly comes to me as a free-fall. It took me few days to research, days to write, months to compile, and just minutes to publish. An awesome experience, I should say. Heartbreaks break and burn the heart as well. Sometimes it may almost seem to be impossible to move on from it. It is very important to realize that with or without a heartbreak, life should move on, as long as you are breathing. This awesome collection of soothing poetry is here for you. Everything contained in this book is pure work of my imagination, thoughts, and perspectives. Prepare to enjoy yourself with this heart-fixer kit, learning aid, leisure book, call it however you want to.

Irresistible by Larry liza

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This is an anthology of 106 poems on the mixed blessings of life, eros and agape love. Introduction I was four when I recited my first poem Ten when I wrote my first I am not a competent worker yet Yet been before the extraordinary I was fourteen as I wrote a poem in this book Majority written in my twenties Nothing rotates the world as love No wonder it is the central theme here Agape is the love associated with the Creator His sacrifices for humanity, living and unborn Eros is the attraction between you and me Brooding desire for the physical and the heart When Agape meets Eros in our mixed world The outcome is IRRESISTIBLE!


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A Flame Of Passion and Other Poems’ have a thrilling conversation with each other on various contemporary issues of life and nature, which evokes different emotional dispositions while immersing the reader in a thrilling literally voyage of how human emancipatory spirit stubbornness lucidly emerges in every other time humane aspects are threatened in various ways: Human will to fight and protect humane psyche from adversaries whether surreal or real while appreciating the beauty of life and nature. The common thread running through the poems is passion: stoking the flame of struggle, awe and thrill of every situation of experience and nature humans find themselves in. About the author Titus Mūrīīthi wa Mūturi is successfully an alumnus of Ndaguma Primary School, in Mbeere South, Embu. St.Thomas Moore Nguviu Boys' High School, Embu and Kenyatta University with a Bachelor of Education (Arts) (Hons.), he also enrolled in Masters of Arts (Population Geography) course at the same university. He has taught geography and CRE at various secondary schools such as St. Christopher Nembure Secondary School, Itabua Day Secondary School; both in Embu County and currently teaching and doubles up as the Director of Studies(Dean) at Kiandai Mixed Day Secondary School in Kirinyaga East Sub-county, Kirinyaga County. He is also the Coordinator of Kirinyaga East Central Zone Strategic Alliance panel of geography examiners.

Dafina ya Ushairi

This is a collection of poems that is technically framed for highlighting content that covers various topics such as values, education, environment and other arising issues. At the beginning of the book, information is provided about the terms used in poetry such as the type of poems and verses.