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Nuria Global

Interested in shopping from international stores and brands? Yes? Then Nuria Global to get your items affordably delivered to Kenya. For a list of some of the various goods we cannot ship (prohibited items) click here.

How to ship using Nuria Global

Step 1: Identify the items you want to buy from various online stores such as Amazon, eBay, BestBuy and others. Step 2: Confirm the Nuria Global Warehouse address to use. For example, if you are shopping from an online store in the USA, use our USA warehouse address. If from the UK, use our UK warehouse address... and so on. Step 3: Use the correct shipping address on checkout as you complete your order from the online store. Remember to address your items in the proper format i.e. Your Name (C/O Nuria Kenya). Step 4: Provide your order details (the items you ordered) in the form below and add to cart. The shipping cost will be calculated and displayed to you. Step 5: Proceed to Checkout on Nuria. Once we receive your order details we will proceed to coordinate prompt shipping of your items to Kenya.

Shipping Addresses.

To shop from USA, use the following details: Your Name (C/O Nuria Kenya) 1255 E 16th St 19802-5200 Wilmington, Delaware (Tel) + 44 7952 983168 USA To shop from the UK, use the following details: Your Name (C/O Nuria Kenya) 97 Western Road Southall, MIDDL UB25HN (Tel) + 44 7952 983168 Great Britain To shop from China, use the following details: Your Name (C/O Nuria Kenya) No. 12, Building 2, West Logistics District Fengheyuan, Jinshazhou Baiyun District, Guangzhou. (Tel) +8618826264051 / +8618529122243 / +8618529222453 / +8618314919916 To shop from India, use the following details: Your Name (C/O Nuria Kenya) Zainab Manzil 133/139 Ground Floor Shop No. G-3 Shaida Marg, Dongri, Mumbi - 400009 Maharashtra India (Tel) + 91 99402 06694 Once you place your order from the respective country, add this item to your cart and provide any additional details or special instructions regarding your order (also attach the invoice). We will keep you notified and let you know once they have been shipped.