Ghosts of Illemi is a seminal work of historical fiction, a tapestry of fact and fiction, mythology and religion, war and peace. Set in late 19th century Sudan; a territory of the Ottoman Empire, the book follows the lives of Jokobam Andries Liech, and his three brothers, sons of Anywaa, a Luo nation. Growing up in the village of Aluru nestled on the banks of the Sobat river, we share their adventures; joining them on the Great Elephant hunt, festivities, love and marriage. As turmoil engulfs the Bahr el Ghazal, each navigates his way in a changing world. The elder brothers; Semo and Ouma venture into the southern territories as part of an expedition led by the Italian adventurer, Romolo Gessi to suppress the slave trade. Jokobam Liech and his twin, Kinding Dirwath join the catholic mission of Khartoum to receive western education and travel to foreign lands. The novel brings to life historical personalities i.e. Bishop (Saint) Daniel Comboni; Vicar Apostolic of Central Africa, Gordon Pasha; Governor-General of Sudan, the slaver Suleyman Zubayr, native chieftains to name a few.


Set in the late nineteenth century, this is the tale of the Sultanate of Witu, a Swahili city state within the Lamu Archipelago. It chronicles the period of the Nabahani dynasty, the lives of her Sultans and their subjects. Abubakar Bwana Kodo is the son of the Imam of Witu. A sailor and soldier he is taught his peoples culture and history. He sails the Indian Ocean, visiting coastal settlements and serves as a captain in the Witu army. Walter 'Hassan' Fox, a Royal Marine, is a descendant of al-Hassan bin Ahmad, the last Swahili Sultan of Mombasa. He participates in the anti-slavery blockade mounted by the Royal Navy. Contained herein is a comprehensive record of native cultures, polities, and a catalogue of historical events.

Nyokabi and Konyeki: An Interweaving ...

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This novelette weaves together different Gîkûyû folktales into one coherent narrative- more memorable and more dramatic.

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