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Introduction by Jay-Z and Beyonce Accessible and easy-to-follow, The Greenprint is a movement to embrace your absolute best and healthiest life. Based on the latest nutritional research, this plan is packed with over 60 recipes, plus exercise and... By Marco Borges

Healthy Eating During Chemotherapy

Devised by a chef and based on nutritional advice, this much-needed cookbook is for people whose lives are touched by the cancer treatments chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Healthy Eating During Chemotherapy contains more than 100 recipes that have... By Jose Van Mil

Thinner in an Instant Cookbook

If you own an Instant Pot® or other brand of electric pressure cooker, you know it turns out delicious meals in a flash, with a minimum of effort on your part. Yet most of the recipes available for these super-popular appliances are rich and... By Nancy S. Hughes