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Lean in 15 – The Sustain Plan: ...

Good nutrition doesn't have to be complicated and with 100 new quick and delicious recipes and a brand new training method- pyramid resistance HIIT-Joe will have your body burning fat for fun in no time Are you ready to get lean for life? By Wicks

Good Housekeeping :Healthy Meals in M...

Its a common misconception that healthy, wholesome meals are a time-consuming chore to prepare. This stunning compendium shows how easy it is to revolutionise your diet, with a host of tantalising recipes to ease you through the day - from... By Good Housekeeping Institute

Eat It Anyway: Fight the Food Fads, B...

The definition of healthy eating has been chewed up, spat out and re-digested enough times to make Joe Public give up and seek out their nearest branch of McDonalds. Our mindless obsession with eating right is such that were now more concerned... By Eve Simmons and Laura Dennison

Super Roots

Often called ‘natures miracles’, super herbs, roots and spices help the body to alleviate stress and tiredness, and strengthen the immune system in a healthy and all natural way. In Super Roots, Tanita de Ruijt takes culinary inspiration from... By Tanita de Ruijt

Right Fat: How to enjoy fats (Moonraker)

Weve switched to low-fat foods, but are we any healthier? Research suggests not! Nicola Graimes in her new book suggests that nows the time to make a stand for fat - but explains that we have to be eating the right types in the right amounts for... By Nicola Graimes

DK-Power Pulse: 150 Superfood Vegetar...

Supercharge your plate with superfood beans and pulses. Pulses offer healthy eating made easy, quick, varied and flexible. Power Pulses Cookbook is the perfect way to revolutionise your diet using lentils, dry peas, beans, and chickpeas to deliver... By Tami Hardeman