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The Bar Exam and Pupilage: What You A...

Do you aspire to be a lawyer? Might you be wondering how best to choose a suitable university to study law? Or are you already enrolled as a student studying law and need a quick guide on how to understand and remember legal materials? Do you wish to have a road-map on the Advocates Training Program and helpful suggestions on how to pass the Bar Exam? How does one navigate the pupilage period till admission to the Bar? If these questions are of interest to you, then this book will be helpful. The book is meant for aspiring students of law, current law students at the universities and the Kenya School of Law, law lecturers and professors, practitioners of law and any reader who wants to know what law is and the journey from being a law student from the university to the Kenya School of Law to admission to the bar and beyond.

Disability: Law and Rights by David T...

The book provides a comprehensive, plainly-written account of disability law in Kenya. It elucidates the rights of persons with disabilities as provided under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), giving them an in-depth appraisal within the Kenyan context. The book discusses emerging issues on disability such as inclusive development in legislations and policies, reasonable accommodation, universal design, non-discrimination, albinism and Vision 2030, among others.

Called To Serve by Sammy Kaihuri

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This memoir, a compilation of personal stories and testimonies, chronicles Sammy Kaihuri's experiences as he journeys through life guided by faith. Through tales of unexpected blessings and divine interventions, Sammy shares how God has provided in times of need, particularly through miraculous provisions for his car. These inspiring accounts offer readers a glimpse into Sammy’s deep relationship with God and the transformative power of unwavering faith in the face of challenges.


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Initially written as 'Because we are People', Lyna Dommie Namasaka's 'Feminism for the African Woman' is an argument for the African feminist discourse. It uses historical records, collections of personal stories and statistics to explore African feminism dynamics in attempts to bridge the gap that exists between African modern feminists and the local realities of the other half of African women. It attempts to bridge the disconnect these differences have created and avoid the potential aftermath of this disconnect. More importantly, the book counters the widespread narrative that Africans live in a post feminist era.

The Zampa Law: Protecting Unaccompani...

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As the world faces a plethora of turmoil from conflicts, civil war, and other calamities, causing people to flee for their lives, the homeless and vulnerable persons from Syria, Libya, Palestine and many sub-Saharan African countries seek a haven for their survival. Migrant minors separated from their immediate family members during these perilous journeys are susceptible to danger, are at risk of child trafficking, and are faced with immigration restrictions at the border of every country they run into. Thus, Italy’s new legislation, The Zampa Law for ‘Provision of Protection Measures’, is a boon to the children fleeing for their lives without being accompanied by any family or guardian into Italy. The author analyses the gap that the new Italian Zampa Law filled, the challenges in applying the new law and other aspects of the Italian immigration system related to unaccompanied migrant minors.

Wired Weird by Wairimu Kanyi

It is surreal to sit and start putting the story of your life on paper. It makes you reflect, breaks you, offers mental shifts or aha moments and most of all helps you identify the previous-ness of God all through. You sift through the many precious lessons, achievements, happy & hurtful memories and choices that had lasting impact and those that have had none at all. Mainly you appreciate how each God orchestrated moment is not just for one person’s destiny but is attached to that of others. This book is written to allow you to paint the story of who you really are and discover the true journey of what I am calling your weird wiring. Wired Weird is about my life and how I discovered God’s Cue’s, Clue’s & Calling in my story. I don’t know your story but I believe you will find pointers in this book that will allow you to journey through your own life story. You will appreciate your past, present and how that has already shaped and prepared you for the future. Wairimu Kanyi, is a Christian-based Mom Mindset & Life Mentor. She has a witty sense of humor and views life from optimistic practical life lenses. She carries her heart on her sleeve and that helps her easily empathize, empower and encourage people. She was a HR Professional for 7 years, School Owner for 23 years since 1999 and currently works with Moms prioritizing their Personal growth. Under her brand – The ODDacity Mentor – she helps them build bankable personal or business brands so that they can design a life they desire & God approves. She is married to Kahoro Wachira and together they raise their children Kylin, Krysta & Ean in Nairobi, Kenya.

A Historical and Cultural Analysis of...

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In most societies in different parts of the world, there are gender inequalities in access to productive resources such as land, and other social, economic, and environmental resources that are critical for people’s sustenance. However, in many instances, not much research has been conducted on those critical gender issues and perceived unfairness in the ownership, access, and utilization of critical societal resources, particularly, in Africa in general, and Kenya in particular. In this regard, the need to improve access to land and strengthen women’s land rights in Africa provided the main rationale for undertaking this research, with specific reference to the Gusii of Western Kenya. In particular, the book examines the changing and/or evolving responses of women over time to land access, ownership, control, and usage. Further, the book analyzes the relationship between indigenous land tenure systems and gendered relations; and the effects of colonial land policies on gendered relations. It also examines gender rights with respect to land access and ownership in the post-colonial period in Kisii. Overall, this study provides pertinent information on the following critical issues. What was the relationship between pre-colonial land tenure systems and gender relations in Kisii? What were the effects of colonial and post-colonial land policies on gender relations in Gusii? How did Gusii women respond to gendered land rights and ownership in the pre-colonial, colonial, and post-colonial periods?

My Roots

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Set among the Abagusii of Kenya at the onset of independence in Africa, Jeremîré Araka’s My Roots is an extraordinary story of postcolonial migration and the characters’ struggle to negotiate their existence in the disparate cultures that assailed Africa during and after colonization. Otenyo, as Chief Ongoro’s first son, is the entitled heir to his father’s throne. Colonialism and Christianity, however, have infected native customs and traditions, especially among those who have attained formal education such as Otenyo and his sisters who have excelled in modern education undergirded by Christian values. Otenyo acquires outstanding credentials in America where he also meets and marries an American woman, jilting a childhood flame whom he had left – so far unknown to him – pregnant with a daughter. All the successes with education and in the professions, however, further alienate Ongoro’s children from their culture and traditions that have stood the test of time and served their society well. Torn between two worlds and rooted in neither, despite their academic success, their family faces mysterious deaths, countless ailments, baffling mishaps and many incomprehensible happenings whose solutions are deemed only explainable in the traditions of their people. This story gives the reader insights into the accounts of an immediate pre- and post-independent African state and the journey that Otenyo had unseeingly set out into the distant lands and upon his return, but now in search of his roots. Will the search for his roots succeed? How will his people, who have long-awaited his return, receive him? What of his estranged fiancé, Keruboo? Readers will conclude this book with a sense of awe-inspiring amusement. What others say about My Roots “My Roots is a searing memoir painted on a leather that is a vivid, revelatory, thoroughly original and compelling account of postcolonial migration and the characters’ battle to negotiate their existence in the mosaic of cultures that assailed Africa during colonialism and immediate post-colonialism.” – Omwami Prof. Dietrick Kaijanangoma, Author, Analyst, Distinguished communication scholar, St. Augustine University of Tanzania, Mwanza.

My Skinny Cow on an Anthill

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My Skinny Cow, set in rural Seito which slowly urbanizes and brings a new order, is the captivating story of Asiago and Obiri from their youth to old age. The two work hard in school to become heroes and beacons of hope for the future of the community. The reader is taken through a rich cultural heritage, epitomized most vividly by the community’s wedding tradition, which leaves the reader yearning for more. Even with the old striving to preserve the life-long glorious cultural traditions of the people, modernity comes with a price. The emergence of an all-knowing clique of youth threatens the community’s future; what with disputes between the traditional local elite and the youth determined to have their way with the societal changes they desire. Danger lucks either way: the rush to modernize at the expense of tradition and the desire to preserve tradition in the face of modernization. Which way for Seito? You, the reader, tell us! What Others Say “The novel demonstrates imagination and originality in league with the postmodernist canon, which upholds traditional cultures that are misconstrued by modernist views as peripheral and obsolete.” – Dr. Andrew Nyongesa, teacher, author, critic and literary scholar.

Jesus’ Africa by Patience Musev...

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Patience Museveni Rwabwogo’s Jesus’ Africa provides a refreshing view concerning contemporary issues confronting the African continent and her people, duly captured thematically as rebuilding Africa’s walls. Tracing the continent’s historical domination through the times of slavery, the era of colonialism and the post-independence period, the continent has been at the ‘short end of the stick’ of the global development agenda. That past, notwithstanding, the work sends a powerful message of hope that Africa will arise through, in part, understanding the continent’s place on this earth and the role it is poised to play in global development. The past is important, yes. However, the future must be of prime concern. To rebuild her walls, the continent would rely on her spiritual pulse and deep conviction that would assure the realization of its rightful place. Illustrating with examples from the Bible, Patience makes the biblical stories relevant to the much-desired African Renaissance with her walls fully restored.

Life and Death: Illumination of myste...

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Truth that cuts into the reality of our existence and being.

A Unified Way to Freedom

The author, Prof. Cletus N. Chukwu PhD is a Philosopher, Mystic, Theologian and Prolific writer. He had earlier published academic philosophical books and several articles. From the author's exalted encyclopedic mind, he masterfully takes all categories of readers and audiences on board in this book in an intelligible way into the multifaceted nature of whom, and what we are. The book exposes the knowledge gaps to build on for achieving self-fulfillment. The dynamics of vibrational nature of our cosmos, the interconnectedness and interdependence of everything in our worldly and spiritual endeavors leading up to wisdom abound in this book. The book encompasses and synthesizes science, philosophy, arts, mysticism, and inspired religions of Western and Eastern traditions. The author points the way to that exalted state of spiritual consciousness. He brings meaning into human life and stirs courage and aspiration to know “thyself” so as to know the universe and its potential benefits to oneself and humanity. He shows how our thoughts, words, inner desires and actions vibrate and mutate to shape our future in accordance with Divine Will and universal cosmic laws. The book is replete with intrigues of life that are fascinating, yet all the drama of human experiences is intelligible when we know the Divine and the certainty of immortality

OMOKA: Scramble for the Hustler Utopi...

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On the sociological level, it is earnestly intended, by shining the spotlight on phenomena that have so far been arid of formal attention, to raise awareness, and by so doing, make a slight contribution in the propagation of social order. We explore the life of the hustler, a social reject by institutional design, because we deem it necessary to destigmatize his being and dignify his status in society. Left unchecked, the present turmoil could easily spiral out of control, both at the personal level of individuals and the social level of interpersonal interactions.

Colour of the Skunk

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The late Wilson Lwandhle Magadhla served in the South African Police Force at the peak of the struggle against the apartheid regime. Even as he remained true to his profession of policing, his heart remained with the freedom fighters; he yearned for a country underlined by equality before the law. Merit, he felt, should be the basis of judging persons rather than the colour of their skin. Drawing suspicion from both sides of the struggle, the good soldier soldiered on, balancing between loyalty to his people and the profession of keeping law and order. So what were the conditions like in policing during the years of apartheid? What was life like for a black police officer serving under the authority of one of the most repressive and detested regimes in the world? How did black policemen balance between the need for liberation from the oppressive order of apartheid and their duty to do law enforcement? Following the fall of the apartheid regime, the author went on to serve in Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC) that was chaired by the Reverend Desmond Tutu. Magadhla was the head of the Special Investigative Section of the commission. Published posthumously, The Colour of the Skunk is a book for historical records, providing an insider’s account of working in government founded racial discrimination

The National Discourse: On the Art an...

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The National Discourse: On the Art and Method of Building a Nation. "On the august quest for the nation's identity, and the dedicated pursuit of the nation's identity " Volume 1; The Structure of State and Society. By Ibrahim Atingo

Facing the World from Gusii: A Memoir

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Facing the World from Gusii: A Memoir, is a personal account of growing up in Gusii, specifically living along the common border between Abagusii and the Maasai. The author captures information and events as he saw them happen as an observer and participant. These include ethnic clashes with the Maasai, tracking stolen livestock, hunting and gathering expeditions, and activities of growing up with others in community spaces. Of interest is the community security group, termed chinkororo that was once proscribed by the government. The author’s life at home captures the realities of the times! The challenges of schooling are of historical significance as they speak to educational issues of the time, be it in primary or secondary schools, or at university. The task of teaching and managing rural community schools offers insights that may not be obvious to the naked eye. The rare opportunity to travel overseas proffers good contrast between life in economically advanced countries and that in less economically advanced countries such as Kenya.

Unplugged: Things Our Fathers Did not...

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UNPLUGGED – What Our Fathers Did not Tell Us As children, we learnt from Disney that if you treat her like a queen, she will treat you like a King. We were also taught that a man should go on one knee while proposing to a woman because women are the prize. We were also taught that we should listen to our wives and be gentlemen because women like nice boys they can trust and not bad boys who weren’t faithful. Men have tested these ideas, and thousands of men have lived to share their experiences and results. This book consolidates what men have learnt about intergender dynamics: what works and what does not work. Today, marriage rates are declining. Forty per cent of single black women in the US are single mothers who prioritize getting babies over getting in a stable long-term commitment, aka marriage. Why do many young girls today prefer becoming side chicks to high-value men rather than settling in marriage with an average man? In 2019, the American Psychological Association labelled traditional masculinity as harmful. But if so, why are women striving to be like men? What is the impact of masculine females on relationships? Why are women being told to “act like a lady and think like a man” if masculinity is harmful? What attracts women to men, and how can men maintain that attachment? In the age of social media, where women get free attention and validation from hundreds of men, how do men in long term relationships deal with partners who feel they have so many options? Women file for divorce 70-80% of the time in the western world. How can men navigate marriage with modern women incentivized to divorce by divorce laws? Why did the Greeks equate the feminine with chaos, represented as the goddess Pandora? Why are most oracles in epics female, and why did God tell Adam that his first sin was listening to Eve? On average, men’s handgrip strength, testosterone levels, and overall masculinity is declining, while women’s enrolment rates in universities have outstripped those of men. Among trans adults, the majority are men who say they were born female. Why? Why is masculinity on the decline? In 2021, before a whole school assembly at Brauer College in Victoria, Australia, the male students were all told to stand up, turn to a girl in their class and say sorry. Yet they had done nothing wrong. Based on Census Bureau historical data and Morgan Stanley forecasts, 45% of prime working-age women (ages 25-44) will be single by 2030—the largest share in history—up from 41% in 2018. This book traces the origin of the steady decline of the man’s role in the family. It also seeks to help men understand female nature, revitalize masculinity and build full-stack men who can navigate relationships while providing leadership in an increasingly gynocentric world that has largely silenced men. This book will plug you from comforting lies to cold hard truths.

Man With The LION HEART by Peter Albe...

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Peter Albert Indalo was born in 1945 in Western Kenya. He was educated at Bware Primary School and Pe-Hill Secondary School. After leaving school he became a teacher at Ranen School and then joined the Ministry of Works as a clerical officer. In 1969 he heard the call of God to enter the full time ministry. He resigned his post and the following year went to St. Paul’s Theological College, Limuru, Kenya. It was while studying for his Diploma in Theology that this book was written. The manuscript won First Prize in an All-Africa competition organized by Evangelical Literature Overseas.

Simplified Legal Process of Buying La...

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Statistics show 8 out of 10 people get conned while buying land in Kenya. As a lawyer I have shared the legal process of buying land in Kenya, to help you avoid getting conned. Here is what you will get when you purchase this book; 1. Mistakes people make while buying land in Kenya 2. Beginners guide to buying land in Kenya 3. The step by step legal process of buying land in Kenya 4. The professionals you deal with while buying land in Kenya. 5. Essentials of a sale agreement.