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Faith Based Access to Justice In Keny...

  1. “Is there none wise among you to resolve the dispute?” Paul asks. This book introduces a good and healthy debate on real life issues involving believers. Conflicts are a true reflection that human beings (including believers), are being authentic in expressing their honest views about their interactions. Unmanaged, they may lead to violence but when properly managed, they certainly lead to peace, harmonious existence and reflect on the faith believers profess.
In this book, Henry K. Murigi empowers believers to manage dispute in a Christian way thereby: • Avoid bringing disrepute to the name of Christ • Avoid open confrontation which is not healthy • Use Biblical guidance and not resort to Courts. This practice of using standards prescribed in the Scriptures to resolving disputes has the potential to entrench the name of Christ in most if not all spheres of the Christian experience. The book is relevant for Lawyers, Pastors, Church Leaders, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Practitioners, Scholars, Theologians and Believers in general.

Year 0033 by J M Evans

Chella has lived the whole of her life in Area IF208, one of many Areas set up by a new World Council after war, famine and plague cause global devastation. Religion is banned, supposedly for the sake of world peace, so Chella has to keep her Christian faith a secret. But when her best friend disappears, her fiancé is arrested, and astonishing rumours of people living Outside surface, a new chapter in her life begins. Chella is an unlikely heroine, battling a troubled past, a dangerous present and an uncertain future. "Shine your light into our darkness, Lord, and by your grace protect and deliver us from all evil this night; in the name of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ, we pray." Never has Chella needed to pray this prayer as much as she needs to pray it now. And she has no idea how much is at stake. This gripping novel for YA girls is full of suspense, even to the very last page. "A breathlessly good read!" - Daisy "I read this book in just a few sittings because my heart was in my mouth." - Catherine "I enjoyed it so much that the only time I stopped reading was to eat." - Elissa