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The Wind Princess by Rachael Komen Ho...

The Wind Princess is a fascinating, adventurous, fairytale story suitable for children aged 11 and above. The story is captivating and will capture the reader's attention and will help a child in Insha and Composition writing. The illustrations are equally captivating.

Accountability for Teens by Adnah McK...

Accountability for Teens: A Biblical Principle, seeks to help you master the what, thehow,w and the why of accountability in order to increase your productivity, inculcate the winning culture of taking ownership andresponsibility,y and empower you to take charge of your faith and destiny.   In this book, teenagers will be empowered to take the five steps of accountability: (i) Understand God’s definition for and intention of accountability (i) Embrace God as the first person you have to answer to. (ii) Learn how to be accountable to yourself. (iii) Then become accountable to others. (iv) Finally, allow others to be accountable to you.   Through her personal anecdotes, readers will gain insight into the transformative power of accountability and how it can propel them towards their own destiny. Adnah's relatable storytelling serves as a guide for teenagers seeking to navigate the challenges of adolescence and find their purpose in life.

100 Women Who Made History: Remarkabl...

If you thought that it was a man s world think again Women Who Made History is the exciting story of the women who changed the world Get ready to meet some of history s wonder women From super scientists like Marie Curie and Rosalind Franklin to... By Caldwell