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MY CAREER, MY FUTURE With Cluster Poi...

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This is a book which highlights the steps followed when choosing a career. What are the factors to consider? What are the Cluster subjects for specific Careers? Etc

Dare to Grow: A Short Guide for New L...

Dare to Grow is an insightful and practical handbook for building self-confidence in your academic career, while securing your mental health and work-life balance in the demanding world of academia. It is meant for new lecturers who possess expertise in their subject matter but may not have the necessary guidance on how to increase their value and remain relevant in a rapidly changing academic workspace. Based on the author's experience as a lecturer, along with research and insights from older academicians, the book covers essential topics such as career growth, time management, classroom control, building meaningful friendships in academia, and avoiding burnout.


Joining university is an exciting experience with its share of challenges. Students on campus have to navigate a myriad of problems from course choice to academics, relationships, accommodation, financial, time and stress management, and other daily struggles. The author, a seasoned Counselor in the University, tactfully delves into these and more issues that affect learners in the university and HOW TO navigate them successfully. She too elaborately demystifies campus life by offering practical guidance on how to prepare for smooth transition to university, adjusting to the university, making the best out of university years, networking, positioning for job market and preparing for life after campus to prevent or minimize common pitfalls. The book isn't just timely resource but a must-have companion not only for students joining college but also for seasoned students, parents, and anyone else passionate about guiding the next generation successfully through the maze of higher education.

I am my Brand (SoftBack)

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I Am My Brand is the ultimate toolkit for personal brand success. Featuring dynamic female brand builders from around the world, the book weaves personal brand advice with storytelling and support, to offer a practical guide for female... By Kubi Springer