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Decolonising the Mind: The Politics o...

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Decolonising the Mind is a collection of essays about language and its constructive role in national culture, history, and identity. The book, which advocates for linguistic decolonization, is one of Ngũgĩ’s best-known and most-cited non-fiction publications, helping to cement him as a pre-eminent voice theorizing the “language debate” in post-colonial studies. Ngũgĩ describes the book as “a summary of some of the issues in which I have been passionately involved for the last twenty years of my practice in fiction, theatre, criticism, and in teaching of literature…” Decolonising the Mind is split into four essays: “The Language of African Literature,” “The Language of African Theatre,” “The Language of African Fiction,” and “The Quest for Relevance.”

Diary of a Clueless Farmer by Karen N...

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Brief Summary Discontented with the daily hustle of city life, twenty-eight-year-old Rosalyn Chege completely goes off the grid and buys a farm in the rustic village of Mukuyu in a bid to slow down and find her life’s purpose. The naive Rosalyn erroneously assumes that the village folk are a warm-hearted lot, unadulterated by the world’s vices unlike their city counterparts. The quirky and sometimes laughable characters such as the alcohol imbibing farmhand Njaramba or the envious teacher Millicent Mwendwa often prove her wrong.Rosalyn quickly finds out that life in the village is anything but tranquil and undisturbed. In between playing midwife, a brief teaching and getting shot in the leg by a new found arch-rival, Rosalyn often finds hers hands full with everything but farming. The dashing Dr Ezra Mchana, Mukuyu’s self proclaimed most eligible bachelor has his eyes set on Rosalyn. Their riveting romance is often faced with turbulent challenges but eventually love conquers all and after much soul searching, loss and triumph, Rosalyn finally finds her place not just in Mukuyu but in the world as a whole. Written in journal form, Diary Of A Clueless Farmer is a quintessential Kenyan story. The characters are a true reflection of Kenya’s society and its current trends. It is a classic story, laced with satire and good-natured humor where good triumphs and evil fails. It is a story of family, faith and hope.

South Bs Finest by Makena Maganjo

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Nairobi in the 1990s. Three families. Their lives interweave as the find themselves living across from each other in an idyllic middle-class neighbourhood, Malaba Estate, South B. As the decade charges on, their lives begin to show similarities in the secrets they keep and the mistakes they make. Funny. Thought-provoking. Surprising. Endearing. This is a coming of age story about friendship in all of its varied shades and intrigues. It is the kind of story that you try to savour only to gallop through the pages -- enchanted by characters, gripped by the authors enticing style. Makena Maganjo is definitely a worthy addition to the corpus of African writers, and South B?s Finest is a fine work of art!