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Here I stand by Noah Roy

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Life is like a body of water. The calm season comes and we are able to see our reflections. When wind or a storm comes, we lose clarity and a sense of self.W then should we do and enjoy our existence in this dimension? Here, I stand simply tells us to live. To jump with the tides, or saddle through them. To maintain calm and peace, or to share the joy with the people around us. It is about being and finding satisfaction while at it, whatever life brings, wherever it leads, however it goes. That nothing is etched on stones, and all we have now, and for as long as we exist, is to just live. Be you. They’ll adjust

Premium Tears by Ongoma Sakwah

KShs1,500.00 KShs1,250.00
Zuri's quest for love leads her into making discoveries within her father's real estate company that threatens her life, love and the lives of her loved ones.

The Campus Exile by Ongoma Sakwah

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Elena, a tough orphan from Mathare slums, finds herself pulled from her simple past into the chaotic swirl of the city. She is lured into the clutches of a heartless drug lord, who builds a bubble of soft life around her.
Her boyfriend Alvin must brave the dangerous underworld to rescue her. Joined by Elena's bold cousin, Doreen, Alvin confronts a perilous fight against the city's most dangerous criminals.
Will they make it out unharmed, or will the shadows of the city consume them all?
Danger, despair, euphoria, and the thrilling emotions collide within the walls of campus and the streets of Nairobi.

Premium Tears by Collins Sakwah

KShs1,500.00 KShs1,250.00
While in Canada, safari websites and youtube channels sold to Zuri an image of a utopian Kenya, a land of hospitable people, natural beauty, nd world wonders. Upon arrival, however, she learns that Kenya is a far cry from what she expected. Unbeknown to her when she falls in love with Aiden, the poorest student in the university was that her father betrothed her to the son of his business partner as part of his business agreement. When she is forced to choose between saving her fathers shares in a multi-million real estate company and the man she loves, she chooses to follow her heart. Her quest for love leads her into making discoveries within her fathers real estate company that threaten her life and those of her loved ones.