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SINS OF OUR FATHERS by Brendah Nashil...

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Sins of our Fathers is a teenage fiction book depicting the child-deprivation amidst family opulence and wealth.

Of Musical Affairs by Mwangi Nyambura

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Of Musical Affairs is the debut collection of Mwangi Nyambura. The Kenyan author has set out to captivate you with this witty, concise and perfect display of lyrical prose in this beautiful collection. From A Man Scorned to the eponymous Of Musical Affairs the author proves undoubtedly that a blend of music and fiction can never go wrong. The collection is a lyrical painting of life and the darker side of love and attraction. If imagination makes the writer, Mwangi certainly has much of it on display in this collection. A perfect synergy of music, fiction and men scorned by love, the collection promises you stories that will leave you wishing to be at a concert in Kenya or desiring even more stories from the author.

Echoes of Valor by Dennis Mukolwe

"Explore the heart of the battlefield with 'Echoes of Valor,' where tales of bravery and sacrifice intertwine to showcase unparalleled heroism. Through gripping accounts of soldiers confronting danger and triumphing, the book captures raw emotions and indomitable spirit. These narratives go beyond war, delving into resilience, determination, and the pursuit of freedom and justice. Despite harsh realities like human trafficking and terrorism, hope emerges for a peaceful future. Readers are urged to find their inner hero and inspire change. Together, let's embrace a new era of unity and resilience."

City Murders by Ndũcũ wa Ngũgĩ

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City Murders by Ndũcũ wa Ngũgĩ

Rejected and Blessed by Anderea Morara

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Rejected & Blessed is Anderea Morara’s second novel. His first novel, The Sting, has been adopted by many secondary schools as a crucial reader. Rejected & Blessed is set in East Africa, but cast in a global context with the primary purpose of highlighting the human aspects of the continuous cultural transformation from the pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial eras as well as the global political economy. The novel tells the dramatic and traumatic love story in which the clash of cultures in the context of rapid social change, makes it awfuly difficult to determine right from wrong. This book gives a glimpse of how this transition affected and is affecting, communities in the region and the resultant coping strategies as well as the effects of the associated coping mechanisms, especially in the realm of love, marriage and child-rearing. On the global scene, the subtle dynamics of economic hegemony, foreign aid, brain drain, racism and cultural dialectics are glossed on.

The Legend of Beach House by Peter Ng...

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The Legend of Beach House revolves around the March 8 2014 mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. On a Friday in the year 2040, the ageless Angel of Dreams presents to us a pair of orphaned triplets – Francis Kaloki Otieno, Francisca Mbatha Otieno and Moses Kalewa Otieno. The Angel of Dreams narrates a mind-blowing tale of the triplets and other misfits determined to discover what really happened to Flight MH370. High on nightmares from a strange kind of fish, the misfits discover that they are destined to prove the existence of other worlds. To prove Plato’s theory that humans exist in different forms and are born on Earth without memories, and then they spend all their lives trying to discover their past lives in other worlds.

Troubled Sunsets by Tiwaine Ole Nchoko

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Troubled Sunsets is Tiwaine Ole Nchoko's debut novel. It is set in the Maasai Mara landscape and tells the story of a culture worth telling and preserving.

The Weight of Black Tongues and Other...

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“The Weight of Black Tongues is an anthology of over half a dozen original short stories by an emerging star of new Kenyan literature, Bonface Nyamweya. This debut collection is both startling and gripping – envision it as a ride on the tail of a shooting star, zooming through Kenya’s night skies, each twinkle representing a unique story. As a dynamic figure in post-COVID-19 literary circles, whom I have had the honour of mentoring, Nyamweya showcases the depth and scope of storytelling in Kenya, transitioning from unusual novels and sartorial poetry to making his mark in short story fiction. From the enigmatic Whose Title Died to the riveting Waiting for Mama, each title in this new book invites readers into a world of mystery and profound reflection, solidifying Nyamweya as a rising force in African literature in the wake of the fin de siècle.

Ngiri Mganga by Emmanuel kariuki

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This animal story for children looks at the different ways that animals feed in the Savanna. During the wildebeests migration, eating is hard work for some but a picnic for others. It is full of useful lessons in a humorous style.

Mucii ni Mucii

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Mucii ni Mucii , written in Gikuyu one of Kenya's indigenous languages, is a moving story of a peasant girl who defies odds in her childhood to become one of the most prosperous people in the country. Starting in a background of biting poverty and an abusive father, Wahito drops out of school after her primary education and gets a low paying job after another. Meanwhile, evil clouds are hanging over her horizons. In her youthful naïveté, she lets of the man who truly loves her and falls into the old trap of being lured by a "use and dump" type who has loads of cash to spend. In the most confused phase, her young life takes a downturn after that; and she moves from one crisis to another, including being orphaned while still a single mother. But fate has other plans for her. She ends up with the man who was destined to be her soul mate. Together, they traverse a terrain full of many risks and barriers to realize the dreams of their lives. Through providence or destiny, it seems Wahito's life is forever intertwined with those of her girl friends. The story has a gripping climax with a lot of the unexpected happening. In the end, all (of almost all) the pieces of Wahitos' chequered life fall into place and she seems to lead an exciting, happy prosperous life. But then, one never knows what happens next in Wahito's life.

Nairobbery and other stories by Sylve...

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Nairobbery and other stories is a collection of well written short stories that address contemporary issues while at the same time trying to find solutions to day-to-day challenges.

Wisdom Shall Die With You by Daudi Ju...

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Eduardo Kariuki is conceived and born out of wedlock in Kenya. His German mother leaves the child with a foster mother. Whether the youngster will merely survive or thrive will depend on his desire to conquer the fears and doubts he faces, as a boy and then as a young man. Kariuki’s search for meaning in life takes him from Nairobi to Frankfurt, then to Freiburg im Breisgau and Habkern, Switzerland. He is back in Kenya in no time at all. But there is something still missing in his life. There is one more hurdle he must assail.   Wisdom Shall Die With You is a coming-of-age narrative that seamlessly weaves laugh-out-loud episodes of youthful exuberance and a touching love story with horror and heart-rending tragedy. It is a classic tale of the ages that will remain with you long after you have turned the last page. “Stunning narrative voice in this bitter-sweet journey of a young man seeking his mother, identity, and meaning in the world. Eduardo takes the reader from Africa to Europe, in to heartache and out the other side. This was a stunning read. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an authentic tell cased in lovely writing.” Chloe Holiday, Amazon reviewer.   Snippet on leadership: Pg 120: "Kariuki had once come across a picture story some- where, depicting some of the challenges of leadership. A person on a raised podium addressed a group of people. “Who wants change?” the fellow asked. Every one of his listeners promptly raised his hand. “Who wants to change?” Here the speaker encountered a minor crisis. Not a single person raised their hand. Everyone looked at their shoes. But that was nothing, considering what happened when he asked his next question. “Who wants to lead the change?” The crowd of people dissolved into thin air, leaving the guy on the podium alone. Every one of the gathered people peeled away as fast as they could, unable to deal with the possibility, or probability, that they could orchestrate a process of change. Kariuki wondered what aspect of the leadership equation was so scary that it could melt away a mammoth crowd in seconds. What was it with leadership?"

The Salem Mystrey by Emmanuel Kariuki

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This animal story for children looks at the different ways that animals feed in the Savanna. During the wildebeests migration, eating is hard work for some but a picnic for others. It is full of useful lessons in a humorous style.


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The wild blackberry is a story of a strong African girl who goes up and above to achieve her dreams. She finds herself at crossroads when she falls in love with Edmund. She is unknowingly introduced to drug peddling which is owned by Edmunds father mr mwinyi. ''don't be too close to my son,'' mwinyi issued her a warning and she tried to keep her distance but Edmund saw it as an opportunity to take lead of the relationship. '' I will find my son a good gift and i think a beautiful wife will make him happy'' mwinyi said in one of their conversations leaving Dee with a huge lump to swallow. She knew that he wouldn't choose him, who would choose a drug peddler for a daughter-in-law ? What would she choose, her job or the love of her life ?

Whispers of Fate by Dibora Zainab

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Whispers of fate become you into the captivating world of campus life, where the threads of destiny weave an intricate tapestry of choices and consequences. In this spellbinding tale, you’ll follow the labyrinthine twists of fate that transformed my one simple existence into a thrilling saga of complexity. This narrative unveils the beguiling dance between fortune and missteps, offering a raw and intimate portrayal of the rollercoaster that life is on campus. Just when I believed my story was reaching its final chapter, the chapter whims of fate intervened, birthing a fresh narrative teeming with unforeseen challenges and opportunities.

Escape From Australia by Thirsty Kips...

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"Escape From Australia" by Thirsty Kipsoiwet Chemnjor is a hair-raising real-life tale that unveils the indomitable spirit of an ambitious Marakwet man. The narrative compellingly navigates the protagonist's journey, capturing his ambition to "show chest" before he was abruptly forced to see "the other side of the world" with a "Naked Eye."


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Closure is a romance novel with poetic introductions that takes you through the heart wringing process of love, grief and maybe... Just maybe, Closure.


A  special gift package diving into the mythology and fantasy worlds built by Mutendei Writes, consisting of AFRICANUM and SHADOW WALKERS: THE GLORY OF KINGS. The first book of the two, AFRICANUM, is centered on an alternate reality, where ancient magic arises and restores Africa and its descendants as the centre of a new geo-political alignment where Africa exists as the world's leading superpower. In the alternate reality, a quadruple set of super-powered beings emerge, anointed by The Akhamasi, an immortal sect of African sorcerers who awaken to a disheartening state of an Africa fallen from grace. Not accepting the fallacy of this alternate reality, through their use of their ancient magic and acolytes, they work to restore Africa and its descendants as the centre of a new geo-political alignment where Africa exists as the world's leading superpower, under the moniker of AFRICANUM, symbolized by its chief defender of the same name. The second book in the combo is Shadow Walkers: The Glory of Kings, which encapsulates the Azuni vs. Okuzuni War between African gods.  Shadow Walkers – The Glory of Kings is a fantasy adventure story based on the mythological cultural gods and legends of Africa alongside real-life heroes and Kingdoms, where a pantheon of gods, The Azuni, seek to restore order amongst themselves while plagued by the return of an ancient enemy, the Okuzuni lead by the fierce Kizamen. The story transects Africa’s ancient Kingdoms and pre-colonial influence around the world, as well as the existence of these African gods in modern contemporary times.

The Girl Called Rose Terri by Juliett...

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The tragic end of a university girl presents Dr Kenny with a second chance. Rose Terri, an elegant, beautiful undergraduate architectural engineering student, falls for Dr Kenny, a practising medical doctor at a private hospital. Staring into her eyes, he feels like he’s staring into the depths of heaven. Dr Kenny is the emblem of perfection and love that Rose Terri wants, and their union weathers the storm of being from different social backgrounds. A story of love, loss, and pain.

Flashes of Vice: Vol IV: Collection o...

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What do you get when you mix terrorism, crime, crimes of passion, human relationships, and social evil? A collection of flash fiction stories that will shock you, thrill you, and make you think. They explore the dark side of humanity, where violence, betrayal, corruption, and oppression are the norm. Each story is a glimpse into a different reality, where anything can happen, and no one can be trusted.