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Pleased. by Nabangala B

Pleased (rated R) is a collection of poems & short stories celebrating sex, love & friendship. Enjoy scintillating fantasy erotica like 'Solo Day Out' and epic love tales like 'Forever Bae'. Erotic & romantic literature is taken to a new level and platonic love is celebrated and hailed and honored. Naba's writing is melodious, authoritative, entertaining and inspiring. Happy reading!

Mapenzi Wewe by Arapha Suleiman

Mapenzi Wewe, describes love experiences in ones life as the writer tries to smoothen the whole experiences using story telling and poetry. The events are stories captured from different people, and put down to not discriminate love, but to emphasize on "Love alone not being enough"

The Pearl on the Horizon

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The Pearl on the Horizon is a moving story about the devastating effects of materialism which sends a rich ethical message in line with religious teachings. Madame Victorine Mahfouz grows up in a materialistic family and looks at everything through these lenses. On the other hand, Eugene and Fresha believe in high achievements in education and consequent roses. Confronted with unemployment and tough socio-economic demands, Madame Victorine mocks the two and even threatens to destroy their engagement. Underlying the plot is a classic romantic love relationship between Eugene and Fresher, on the one hand, and Madame Victorine’s illicit amorous scandals, on the other. In these well-written passages with techniques enriched by letters, songs, poems and narration, the reader will appreciate the author’s juxtaposition of success and survival. The Pearl on the Horizon draws a line between survival and success, crowns the latter prominence and discredits the former. The writer suggests that success is slow but bears enduring results. Survival, on the other hand, is quick but can lead to ruin. What others say “The novel is captivating and factual. It captures social and material conditions in Africa occasioned by poor governance. So what is success in the face of devastating levels of unemployment, stiff competition from the large pool of graduates and the need to survive? Is it unprincipled material acquisition and a ‘good living’ or a good education and ethical living?” – Rose Keya, Book Editor. “The Pearl on the Horizon speaks volumes to young adults who may want to take shortcuts in life and the consequences of such actions.” Harriet Irungu, Student of Literature.

Kill the Devil by Juvens Nsabimana an...

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"You can run and leave a place behind, but you can't leave behind what is running inside of you." A woman and a man, nearly destroyed by extreme violence, hatred and despair, follow a rare and unexpected path, and discover extreme forgiveness, love and hope. Three fishermen pull a near lifeless woman from the sea; having suffered unimaginable loss, Patricia's life is empty and her only motivation to go on is to bring the one responsible to justice. Always on the verge of running, a man hides from his guilt in Kigali, terrified of his anonymity being compromised and his past uncovered. Shining a light on the remarkable, untold stories of reconciliation in Rwanda since the genocide in 1994, Kill the Devil is a love story between a survivor and a perpetrator of genocide in a lesson for our times and for all time...

Fiery Love Kerfuffles by Dennis Odhia...

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Fiery Love Kerfuffles, is a romantic drama sequence detailing with vividness a young couple’s early marriage life from the moment they fall head over heels in love. Denvor Gold and Sally Kingsley then go through a roller coaster of misunderstandings ill-peppered with the realization of unfaithfulness that threatens to tear their relationship apart. As the story continues, the two romantics overcome their kerfuffles through a strong love bond and a series of counselling sessions. At the end, they emerge victorious through a beautiful reunion rekindled with their deeper love for each other. This is a ‘can’t-put-down’ novel with every minute clock tick.

Confessions Of Nairobi Men by Joan Th...

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Confessions of Nairobi Men is a culmination of three years Joan Thatiah has spent having candid conversations with men and women living in Nairobi. It this book, you will come face to face with fifteen men. Men who have been broken in every way, men who are still trying to pick up pieces of their lives, men who are deeply passionate and men who are deeply faulted.

Letters To My Son: Candid thoughts on...

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In Letters To My Son, Joan Thatiah puts to paper various life issues that today's young African man will grapple with.

Damn, Girl! Stop That : How women sho...

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Sometimes the world is conspiring against the woman. Sometimes though, even though she should know better, the woman gets in her own way. This book is about these times.

Confessions of Nairobi Women: Book Tw...

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For many people, telling their stories is confronting all the versions of themselves that have existed.

Confessions of Nairobi Women by Joan ...

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Confessions of Nairobi Women is a collection of thirteen candid true stories told to Joan Thatiah by women living in Nairobi. The stories are as awe-inspiring as they are heart-wrenching.

Everything I Know About Life by Joan ...

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Everything I know about life is a coming-of-age book It begins with a heart-wrenching story. In it, Joan Thatiah candidly explores what life has taught her so far about being a woman, energy, and men. She writes in her usual fearless style with steadfast conviction.

Guilty: A Novel by Joan Thatiah

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Raised in a small village in Eastern Kenya, Judith is determined to escape her tumultuous childhood. At 29, the firstborn daughter of a retired cotton refinery worker in Mbeere joins the ranks of the Nairobi City office executives and imagines she has succeeded in her mission. When she returns to the village for her mother's funeral and meets a mysterious stranger, she is completely taken by him. But Jeffari is a man on a mission. She is his mark, too trying to smash the glass ceiling to notice him leading her to the core of East Africa's largest terrorism network.

DARK RED By Tessy Nyamai

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  1. Dark Red is a romantic thriller. A novel based on an arranged marriage of two young adults, plotted by their influential parents in search for revenge. What starts as a hateful marriage, turns out to be an admirable love story. With both of them discovering the deceitful nature of their parents, they team up against them. This novel explores various political, religious and cultural beliefs, highlighting love, vengeance, politics, friendship, family, greed, among other themes.

Too Far: The scorching new novel from...

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Lily Black was presumed dead for years. Now, she’s back in the unquestioning arms of her loving husband, Kane. Where

Twisted Love (Twisted, 1) by Ana Huang

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He has a heart of ice…but for her, he’d burn the world A diverse new adult steamy romance from Tiktok

Domestic Sex Goddess: The art of havi...

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Successful sexpert Kate Taylor spent her early career writing sex manuals with tips on getting a better sex life, then she got married - and then she had two children. Suddenly, the books she had previously written bore no relation to her own sex life. Where were the tips on having amazing sex in complete silence during 10 minutes of privacy whilst the kids are watching cartoons? Where was the advice on how to still fancy your partner when you've just spent 10 minutes picking his socks up off the bedroom floor? Where was the section on the most-childproof locks for bedroom doors, or how to laugh it off when your toddler gatecrashes a dinner party waving your vibrator? Knowing that she wasn't the only wife and mother struggling with these issues, Kate decided to write the book that would solve these problems forever. Domestic Sex Goddess is a sex book for couples in long-term relationships, with or without children. It's for couples who adore each other, but would like new ideas to take to bed that bring back the initial excitement and who want real-life sex tips they can fit in around a busy day and eight hours' sleep at night. Domestic Sex Goddess divulges the secret to achieving a thrilling long-term sex life - it's organisation. In each chapter of this book Kate takes a different area of the home and discusses practical lifestyle changes that you can implement in order to give yourself both the time and energy for sex. From sizzling sex tips for the kitchen, lusty lovemaking positions for the living room and bed-busting moves for the bedroom through to ideas to make the bathroom hot and steamy and even some outrageous outdoor activities, Kate presents all the naughty know-how you'll need to keep the passionate home fires burning.

A Woman’s Guide to Sex by Kate ...

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A Woman's Guide to Sex is a celebration of femininity and sex, covering everything a woman needs to know from the psychology of sex to the physical whys and wherefores. Chapters on Mind and Body and Sexual Health explore human biology from a female point of view as well as offering sensitive, impartial advice on sexual health matters. The book also covers relationships, from finding a partner to making love last, and most importantly, sex tips and techniques which describe how to enjoy really great sex. Illustrated with beautiful photographs throughout, A Woman's Guide to Sex is the only sex book a woman needs.

Supersex for Life by Tracey Cox

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Learn to keep the lust alive in a long-term relationship, with the UK's No.1 sexpert, Tracey Cox Stuck in a relationship rut? Want to rediscover the excitement, desire and raw phwoar that made sex with your partner so fantastic? Revolutionise your lust life with Tracey Cox's fun, frank and thrilling crash-course that'll put the passion back into any long-term relationship. Take the Q&A test and find your sexual personality type. Rediscover the scintillating thrill of sex - step by sensual step. Have a sensual makeover, fix it tonight and fix it for good and master all sorts of hot techniques Honest, explicit and oh-so practical, you'll soon be enjoying 'just-met' sex and discovering the secrets behind long-term lust.

The New Art of Erotic Massage by Andr...

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Sensual and erotic massage can restore the sparkle to a sexual relationship, or deepen one that’s already strong. Thanks to this lavish, tastefully photographed guide--a longtime bestseller, back again with more color and even more depth--all couples can enjoy this vital way of enriching their romantic life. It explains the difference between the sensual and the erotic approach, and gives the basic skills, strokes, and techniques for both. Limb by limb, muscle by muscle, it covers the entire body from the backs of the legs and arms to the shoulders and neck, from a spinal stretch to the toes. In addition, lovers will appreciate the extra advice on setting the scene and enhancing the massage with aromatherapy, shiatsu, acupressure, and reflexology.

Tantric Sex by Kavida Rei

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Tantric Sex is filled with techniques and rituals that are guaranteed to enhance your sexual pleasure.