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DESIGNER WOMAN -The Beauty Within- by...

DESIGNER WOMAN (Beauty with in) is a book meant to motivate and rejuvenate the woman God created. She is not the woman the society ignores, judge, taken for granted, disregarded, insulted or even abused. But Until she understands or realizes who she is, why she is where she is, what to do and begin to appreciate what she carries within her, then she will be able to live a fulfilling life and find joy in her world.

unlock the secrets female friendships...

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The strength of a woman's friendship lies not in her ability to solve problems, but in her capacity to listen, understand, and be present.

Monetize your Talents by Martin Muraguri

In a world where talents are as diverse as the stars in the sky, unlocking the power of unique abilities can lead to a fulfilling and prosperous journey.

SUICIDE, The Flipside Of Hope by Doug...

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"Within the pages of SUICIDE, THE FLIPSIDE OF HOPE, explore the multifaceted landscape of the human experience. From the suffocating grip of depression to the haunting specter of rejection, from the relentless pressures of stress to the gaping wounds of fatherlessness, and from the insidious allure of addiction to the pervasive influence of social media, delve into the depths of the human psyche. Amidst the darkness, discover the transformative power of self-development, offering a roadmap to resilience and a beacon of hope for those navigating life's turbulent waters."

Creative Thinking : A Journey through...

Creativity can be defined as the use of imagination or intelligence to create something distinct or inventive. Considering that creativity is based on intelligence, let us look at the definition of intelligence. Intelligence: The ability to acquire, retain and apply knowledge or skill. Therefore based on the two above definitions, the genesis of our journey towards creative thinking begins first of all by understanding the components that constitute intelligence and then adding an additional layer of fun to enable us to come up with new/alternative/novel ways of producing inventive, distinct ideas and products. The 8 facets of intelligence covered in this book are : 1. Emotional Intelligence 2. Visual Intelligence 3. Logical Intelligence 4. Auditory Intelligence 5. Financial Intelligence 6. Linguistical Intelligence 7. Physical Intelligence 8. Spatial Intelligence

Grow up 1 by Collins Tebaliah (CT Lel)

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This book is a blueprint for living a growth lifestyle, which means that you can turn away from childish ideas and actions to embrace maturity in all aspects of life.

You can grow up from violating the 3D existential laws; logical, natural and spiritual laws. Some things will become obvious that you are violating one of these laws, whenever you make a childish decision. You now regularize it, before you take a wrong action in your business, career or relationships. The book covers the most common immaturity issues that people suffer in different aspects of life. Get this book now, and GROW UP in a manner you won't believe. The results will speak for themselves.


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This book is helps the reader work through healing, handling traumas and finding balance through the soul awakening.

LIBERATION By Grace Muroki

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This book provides the reader with tools to become an-rounded person by developing problem-solving and decision-making skills through self-awareness!

GIFTS AT YOUR PALM by Grace Muroki

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This book helps the reader work through their potential by fighting self-sabotaging practices and complacency to become the best version of themselves.

STEWARDSHIP by Grace Muroki

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A book that helps the reader be a steward of their gifts and potential through the journeu of self-discovery

MY MONEY MATTERS by Samuel Kanja

A personal finance management companion that inspires appropriate ways of dealing with your money. "Making money is one thing but retaining it, multiplying it and benefiting from it is another."

The Little Book of Wisdom by Gilda Given

The Litle Book of Wisdom with One On One Recounts carries 101 livable quotes that are grounded to connect with the real self within you. The intention is to reach those who are unreachable, unheard, and those who are yearning to transform their lives for the better but still have undesirable courage, inspiration, or easiness of taking full responsibility to make things happen. The book is really an eye-opener. It’s made simple and it is in both English and Swahili. Don’t miss this opportunity as things are made easy with The Little Book of Wisdom. Start Now!

How to Heal Childhood Wounds and Trau...

The book provides a path to emotional healing through understanding childhood wounds and their effects on adult behavior. The aithor offers a glimpse into the depths of various examples of wounds and traumas and the ultimate triumph of resilience and hope. The book offers comfort to anyone trying to heal childhood traumas through providing; 25 negative effects of living with unhealed wounds and 26 ways of healing the wounds and traumas.

The Treasurer Of Breath

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A story dedicated to you all who have lost your loved ones. Cherish life and the people around you. Tomorrow isn't promised.

Personal Financial and Retirement Pla...

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This 241-page book is a handbook on Personal Financial and Retirement planning. It is the ultimate guide to planning your finances and retirement income correctly without the cost of a consultant or course fees. It contains detailed descriptions of what it takes to plan personal finances and lifestyle, including definitions, the purpose of planning, benefits of planning, saving and investing avenues, reasons for saving and investing, and how to save and invest. The book describes the process, which entails defining your current and retirement life's vision, setting goals, preparing a current spending and retirement living budget, identifying sources of income, the process of saving and investing and using the budgets to guide, monitor and control the process to arrive at desired goals. Reading this book saves you hours of research and loads of frustration in trial and error, saving thousands of dollars in expenses, smoothing the take-off, and generating early revenue to meet goals. Size: 6.14" x 9.21" Pages: 241 See the Bio of the Author at

INVISIBLE NO MORE – How to Stop...

Are you struggling with issues of being a victim, anger, stress, resentment and depression? Do you feel invisible, unheard and powerless, not sure you will reach your highest aspirations? Are you worried about issues of diversity and inclusion? In this book the Author will challenge you to take courage and look at these issues within yourself, your life, and your relationships and take back control of your life. Through these pages, you will begin to explore how subconsciously we carry the pain of our upbringing and parents, which results in us manifesting stress and character defects in our daily lives. INVISIBLE NO MORE has been endorsed by four established Authors and endorsed by Mr. Georges Rebelo Pinto Chikoti the Secretary-General of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) as a very important book to build and strengthen people.

WHAT YOU HAVE by Haron Kimutai Suter

WHAT YOU HAVE is a student guide grafted to empower, inspire,and help students maximize every resource at their fingertips

The Money Game: How to win by Dr Vict...

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THE MONEY GAME : How to Win by Dr. Victor Mungai is a groundbreaking masterpiece that illuminates the path to financial success with unparalleled clarity and wisdom. Dr. Mungai's insightful strategies and practical advice empower readers to navigate the complexities of wealth accumulation and achieve their financial goals with confidence. This transformative book is a must-read for anyone seeking to unlock the secrets of financial abundance and secure a prosperous future. Prepare to embark on a journey towards financial freedom like never before with Dr. Mungai as your expert guide.

WAVES – by Misky Nur

Dive into 'Waves', a captivating poetry collection by Misky Nur Abdullahi. Through emotive verses, Abdullahi explores universal human experiences and societal themes, from love and pain to identity and resilience. Each poem ignites conversations about our shared societal framework, inviting readers to embark on a thought-provoking journey through expressive and engaging poetry.