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Moody Mood and Courage the Friend

KShs450.00 KShs400.00
This is a beautiful story about true friendship. Moody Mood and Gloomy Courage are good friends. But there is just one tiny problem—Gloomy Courage is always very sad. To brighten his friend’s mood, Moody Mood will stop at nothing! Will he succeed or fail in making his friend happy again?

Moody Mood and Jumbo the bully

KShs450.00 KShs400.00
Moody Mood has done it again! Happy to be back in school after the holidays, Moody Mood runs into an unsettling scene when he sees Jumba, the bully, threatening a smaller boy. Moody Mood springs into action in the boy’s defense. Without the physical might of Jumba, would Moody’s courage under fire save the day?

Mother Rat and Her Son Chepsoo

KShs450.00 KShs400.00
This children’s book teaches about the importance of good behavior and manner among children. It teaches them among other things to respect their parents and elders. Dorothy Jebet has more than 18 years’ experience in the Kenyan journalism scene. She has worked for various media houses including the Nation Media Group, The Standard, the defunct Kenya Times, The Star and Kass FM in various capacities. She is currently an independent consultant and analyst on matters of journalism and media. She has had extensive training in the world of journalism, including a stint on US Congressional Reporting under the Bill Clinton Administration. Dorothy’s work is extensive, some of which has attracted international attention. Her story on the early marriage of a 16 year-old girl won her a Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) sponsorship to study Human Rights and Administration at Lund University.

Kally the Pet

KShs450.00 KShs400.00
Kally the Pet is a story of a girl and her pet. Babby shows her devotion to her pet, Kally. She feeds, bathes, and plays with her. It hurts Babby to see Kally hurt and she learns to thank those who offer care for her pet Kally the Pet is about caring, discipline and responsibility. It is a story about caring and lessons on being grateful.

Kim Says Sorry

KShs350.00 KShs300.00
Kim Says Sorry is a children story about learning how to apologise to adults and other children. The story also teaches us about the golden words for children to use like Please, Sorry, Thank you and Excuse me.

Ann and the Pen

KShs350.00 KShs300.00
Ann and the Pen is a children story about learning to share and helping others. The story also teaches us about the golden words for children to use like Please, Sorry, Thank you and Excuse me.

Tessy and the Mango Tree

KShs350.00 KShs300.00
Tessy and the Mango Tree is a children story about learning to share and playing with other children. The story also teaches us about the golden words for children to use like Please, Sorry, Thank you and Excuse me.

Chokora: A Kenyan Scavenger

KShs700.00 KShs600.00
John Patrick and Martin Joseph are two teens born in the dusty, poor neighbourhood of Huruma in Nairobi. Raised by single unemployed mothers, they turn to scavenging for valuables in the city’s middle-class neighbourhoods to survive the harsh life of Huruma. City residents have labeled them Chokora, a derogatory term to describe human scavengers. And they use this effectively. For them, the Chokora façade is a camouflage as the two youths go about their exploits, including stealing from unsuspecting residents. As fate would have it, the duo ends up in a police cell to face the full reality of their escapades. Chokora! A Kenyan Scavenger is a poetic narration of the reasons most of the urban youth turn to crime. There is a lot of attention paid to the protection of the girl-child in Kenya, while neglecting the boy child. John and Martin have never known their biological fathers and are forced to adopt their mothers’ names instead. From the perspective of many, unconventional naming is an embarrassment amidst the cruel surroundings.


KShs1,400.00 KShs1,200.00
n the small town of Soghor in Nyanza, Kenya, there exists a myth dating back to colonial times. It relates to people, termed kachinja, who were rumoured to prowl the area, arresting passers-by and tapping their blood. Supposedly, Songhor survived this way throughout the colonial period and into Kenya’s independence. Following emancipation, the White Highlands reverted to the indigenous population, and a settlement for the Luo, Kalenjin and Kisii communities. Folklore has it that people routinely dashed for the bushes whenever they saw a red car approaching. Its white owner is said to have used the car to transport captured Africans for slaughter. The man lived near the Songhor Museum Site that was founded by two white men in 1932, and gazetted in 1981. Two African families in nearby Tamu and Muhoroni are rumoured to have been complicit, acting as ‘catchers’ of Africans. At the white man’s homestead, the main house had a bunker-like hole with a small door, and a grilled opening. Keen observations lead to curious revelations. This is a fictionalized account based on a long-held myth. It is meant for enjoyment.

Proverbs of the Abagusii of Kenya

KShs1,000.00 KShs850.00
Like most cultural groups, the oral tradition of Abagusii People of Kenya is expressed in, among others, proverbs. These capture lessons and meaning, modulated by time and context as they are passed down generations. Like riddles and metaphors, proverbs express the wisdom of a culture and find apt applications in many situations. Christopher Okemwa's work documents some of the proverbs of Abagusii, their meaning, context in which they are used and application thereof. In this book proverbs are documented in the original form accompanied by English translations in addition to lessons they offer. Embedded in this collection are cultural aspects such beliefs and norms which touch on many aspects of Abagusii society. These aspects include relationships among people, communal life, gender matters, economic issues and many more. Here is what others say "Through careful transcription and translation of proverbs of Abagusii people of Kenya, Okemwa shares knowledge and cultural diversity as a wide range of themes and motifs recur hence multiplying meanings and implications. The proverbs explore both socio-political and socio-economic issues, in addition to fulfilling an aesthetic function." - Gladys Nyaiburi Ogaro, Mount. Kenya University "The uniqueness of this work lies in its use of Ekegusii language to impart culture of Abagusii on the reader through the imagery in proverbs. The advantage of 'hearing' Ekegusii first hand, its literal and deep meaning provided, makes it ideal for students and teachers of language and culture in learning institutions. The work also preserves, for posterity, wisdom that may become extinct with the passage of time." - Margaret Kemunto Obaga, Catholic University, Nairobi, Kenya "Christopher Okemwa's Proverbs of Abagusii of Kenya: Meaning & Application captures and radiates, with delight, the wisdom and beauty in Abagusii proverbs. For Ekegusii speakers, the proverbs nudge one to take a deep look at oneself and see how entertaining they can be. For non-speakers of the language the translation provided gives the poems versatility in content and pervasive reach, thus making them universal pieces of erudition that challenge and encourage. The proverb, 'Naigure ndumo boina ko mosiori ntamanya' (I have heard noise coming from grave diggers, but I am not sure who will be first to be interred), for instance, warns everybody against the barbarism of intransigence and physical confrontations, a universal piece of wisdom. Reading this invaluable book is a sure-fire route to intellectual nourishment. Okemwa has documented answers to our deep-seated questions on our socio- cultural, socio-economic and socio-political queries as captured by Abagusii proverbs. The wisdom therein helps one pry into one's own inadequacies and learn to challenge adversity." - Bwocha Nyagemi Bwocha, St. Augustine University, Tanzania


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